In beggining of my mental Disoder

I was consulted by the psychiatrist in 2001 because of unusual beliefs.I am a Hindu and i went to a christian holy place in my country.At there i was afraid of crowd and i have got fit.I asleep for some hours,i was nervous for long time,I heard voices,I feeled like i died,No movements for several hours.I was treated by first aid camp.Then i was taken to a emergency to MBBS doctor.Doctor said that immediately should be taken to Colombo hospital (Sri Lanka) and Take ECG.I was taken to psychiatrist to get medicine for my mental illness.

What are your symptoms?

thought i would say hi.
take care

Hearing Voices,Un usual belifs,less speakings.

If you can get it, ask psych doctor for seroquel. Chop the pills into pieces and take at night…at least you will sleep well. Being well rested is only way to function dealing with the symptoms. Please google ‘gang stalking’ or ‘cause stalking’ and realize a lot of the other schizos deal with their symptoms by following orders from the voices to verbally harass specific strangers about something private, trespass, vandalize possessions, harass coworkers/customers…The mental care refuses to discuss this or help and calls it delusional causing confusion to progress to insanity and self harm/homicidal actions sometimes. If you know this happens, you can be okay…You can never show any anger to the mental care or staff or they will lock you up for good in mental hospital or lock you up so long you get a huge mental hospital bill/fired from job and end up homeless…If you ignore the voices, do not talk aloud to yourself while alone and refuse to follow orders from the voices, sometimes it stops. If you had a wealthy person bragging about harming people or bragging about illegal stuff right before the voices started, you need to quit talking to this person and anyone you met through them as they will worsen your symptoms. I hope things get better for you soon.