A day in the life of a delusional person

Wake up in the morning told you are taking the test of god. Walk into the bathroom being harassed by voices of people you know telling you to eat the bar of soap. I eat the bar of soap and then a voice of a devil tells me he will give me all the things of the world if I kill my mother. Fight against that thought and the voices are telling me I’ve been microchipped by the government. Believe in it and cut my ear open to find nothing. Voices are telling me to steal beer so I steal the beer and start hallucinating flowers everywhere. Walk home and the voice convinces me I’m living in a different world. Start believeing I’m in a different world and the only way to get back to the original one was to kill myself. Try to resist the voice but end up at the top of a four story building. About to jump but I decided not too, because I wanted another ciggarette. Starts to tell me it’s the illuminati and I have to save people souls by texting the number 56123 in there phones. Steal my family’s phone and text the numbers thinking I saved there life. Then a voice of satan enters my head blaspheming my thoughts until I’m on my knees in the middle of the street praying to god. I go inside and start breaking everything in my house so that we would go to heaven. Get tackled and beat up by my dad, police come and strangle me. Get sent to a behavior hospital where I would have to strangle a kid there to teach him a lesson for raping someone, strangle him and get sent to a hospital. In the hospital the only way I could live forever is if I jumped off In between the staircase, I’d live in a college dorm room where I would have a video tape of how to be real and how to be fake. Run out of the hospital room and am tackled and tranquillized. I could go on but that is one day out of the three years I’ve been mostly insane. This is one of the better days compared to the other days. Now I’ve been stable for 6 months hooray.

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i am glad you have been stable for a while, i am happy for you.
sometimes writing out how mad we have been can help, reading other peoples ’ mad ’ experiences has helped me to understand myself.
take care


I heard voices in the past but I knew that they are not real, do you believe the voices, why did you do that, I’m just wondering?
It’s good that you’re stable, I think you can become stable for good if you were just able to separate yourself from the voices, I don’t think you’ll even hear them anymore…good luck

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Sorry chris, sounds bad.

I just stayed up all night listening to mine. Gotta lay off the coffee. The most depressing part it the situation just won’t change on its own. My medications don’t really help me. I sleep like 12 hours a day and it is my only escape. I really can’t help but believe in telepathy. A whispering voice just told me that evil is real. After that I decided to stop trying to fall asleep and turned the lights on now it’s just back to the regular voices. Maybe if I stay up long enough “that part of my brain” will get to tired to voice me. Probably just delusional thinking. To chrisjack I’m sorry life is so difficult you’re not alone buddy. This all makes me contemplate my spirituality. Schizophrenia is something that only seems to affect human beings and it is a purely evil ■■■■■■■ disease. Good job strangling the rapist

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My voices tell me I am telepathic all the time but I don’t believe it. They also tell me that they will give me a stroke in thebroccas and wernickes areas of the brain so that iI can’t talk anymore. My voices r evil in the extreme. They torture me 24/7…then go quiet for months on end. No medication works against them. But I know I’m not telepathic. I also know I have done nothing to deserve this treatment. I don’t believe that any meds will silence them as they r not the product of a diseased brain but personalities put in by torture. All I know is that they will never leave me alone and all to keep a secret. If there is a god, he has forsaken us. I hope that the animals that caused this suffer eternal damnation, if u believe in that kind of stuff. Personally I don’t but if I die b4 they do I will hunt them down and make their lives a living hell until the day they die. Some of them seem to b suffering God’s retribution already and for that I am thankful. I want them all to suffer immeasurably because of their treatment of my family. God willing, he’ll get them all I. The end.

“If there is a god he has forsaken us” I feel the same way completely. @jaynebeal