I'm still so disappointed in my pdoc

How he said I’m self-sabotaging just because I deny my sza over and over. How he got irritated at my repeated messages to him asking if I’m really ill. Isn’t my denial a lack of insight? Why did he have to say I’m sabotaging myself?? I’m not denying my sza or dropping my meds to get attention! I’m doing it because I’m genuinely confused about my illness! Why did he not understand??

They should not let people become pdocs unless they know someone close to them with mental illness - or have it themselves. Because some of them don’t seem to understand. For some it’s a matter of pride. It’s disgusting to me. They should have patience with their patients…


I was lucky enough to find a great therapist on my second attempt and a good pdoc on my first. I have heard so many horror stories on how some pdocs treat their patients and its like they don’t understand that we are still human beings who deserve respect. Maybe it is my age, but we have a good working relationship and they both know that I would not put up with any shenanigannery.

Even the YouTube psychiatrists say that you can go through a few different pdocs and therapists before you find a good fit. You don’t want one that is completely passive, but one that respects you as a human being. Even in swampy southeast Missouri, there are options and it is just a matter of how far you want to drive.

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I had a recent issue with my pdr too, you have to persist with what you want if its for your benefit. Tell him you want to change him if he doesn’t listen. That worked for me.

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I will still change him if he refuses to prescribe Vraylar again when it comes out or if Vraylar doesn’t work. You have the right to change your pdr!

Maybe it would help the relationship to only bring the issue up during actual appointments instead of calling etc between appointments to ask question and deny everything. Pdocs are typically very busy.


I agree with Pianogal. For me, the therapist is where I talk and the Pdoc is for the medication and the overview.

I always wait on questions or comments and I take a journal with a special page just for questions. I don’t allow the Pdoc to get off topic until we go through the questions. She likes that and so do I.


Funny enough, he doesn’t want to see me anymore! Says my mental illness too complex for him to treat. He wants me to go to state sector pdocs and therapists.

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