I used to believe in the pdoc


i had to finally face that he isn’t all that great. he cares only so much about me. and this is true of every pdoc I have had.

I don’t worship what he says anymore. I even think that my former pdoc screwed me up badly.



Mostly I’ve had good experiences with pdocs, except the one that thought I should be on risperdal. bad bad. I hope you work out a better relationship with your pdoc. Mine is on a computer screen skyping with me and that’s kind of a drag, but I can call and change my meds if I want to and she calls it in. Maybe you can do that with your pdoc?


thanks but no thanks jukebox. I like to go in person to the pdoc.

my latest is a little bit warmer than my former. the former shut me up and didn’t let me say one word he just kept telling me that I am diseased.

my mom even warned me that he doesn’t believe in talking and I shouldn’t do so in his office.

the only compliment he gave me was that I was very intelligent. my emotional state he could never stomach apparently.



I’m sorry Judy. I wish I could give you a nice long hug. You are a very nice person. Maybe play your piano or violin to pick up the mood?


thanks jukebox. hugs to you as well. I really like reading your posts.

hope you have a great holiday of Christmas. you deserve the best.



my pdoc is great but even she admits that all they can treat are the symptoms and not the causes. she admits that they are fumbling in the dark with medicatiions that may or may not work. i admire her honesty and for that reason, i’m sticking with her. she doesn’t try and get me to take meds. she even said maybe i should come off them and see what i’'m like. i said yes, once the kids have moved out, i will try that but not until then. can’t risk a breakdown or relapse till i don’t have the responsibility of taking care of them on daily basis. my pdoc is cool.


speaking of meds… I am scared to death of somehow “losing” my abilify. it works like wonders for me and until I started on it i was in utter and total misery.



Yes pdocs are not miracle workers - but some are really trying to help.
I lowered my antipsychotic and although I am not currently psychotic I have been feeling more anxious and had a major panic attack days ago - I just dont feel right, instead of raising the dose, I may switch to another AP with less metabolic side effects


I’ve had some bad ones… some who don’t listen or have their own idea of what is wrong with me. Some who just want me in and out as fast as possible… Not good.

I like the one I have. I’ve left him and gone back a few times. We’re doing Ok as a working relationship.

I hope you find one you like and can work with.