Get a new Pdoc?


This is my first Pdoc and I just don’t know what I should do. Their is no warmth to her, she downplays my side effects, has to google medications while I’m in her office with her, she calls in pills for me we haven’t discussed, and has lost my appointment multiple times.

All of this kinda leaves me with a bad taste. Are all Pdoc like this, or is she crappy? And tips on what to do?


You have the right to change your Pdoc if you are not satisfied. :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:


No, they are not all like this.
If you don’t jive with this one, you can always get another one.
Good luck!


My pdoc googles meds just to make sure she isn’t missing anything, but she seems to have a solid understanding of them already. And she’s never lost my appointment. You can always ask for a transfer to a new doc, but depending on your area, that might be the best you get. With a pdoc, it’s not as important to like them. As long as they get your meds right, you might have to put up with an unsavory personality.


I consider that our psychiatrists are an important part of our lives. So it’s important to feel that we can trust them and feel that if we have a serious problem, then our psychiatrist is the first person we can call. If you don’t feel that, maybe you should get a new psychiatrist.


I have to sign a form that I agree to the new treatment plan every time I get a new med. my dr is very knowledgeable and knows the meds well. If I were you, I’d definitely get a new pdoc