Don't trust pdoc but can't switch

I am having some issues with my pdoc. I went to see him yesterday and have been seeing him since I was twelve or so. The whole time, he barely looked at me and mostly gazed at his computer typing things as I spoke.

I was creeped out by this and felt as if he wasn’t qualified. He kept interrupting me and telling me he was ordering my meds. I kept trying to explain what was going on.

I wanted to him to take a deeper look into my condition. The last time we talked, I practically said the word “voices,” and his plan was drugs. I understand why but wish he listened to some of my symptoms.

I don’t feel like he did and feel a bit unsure about him. The appointment should’ve been around 1 hour and ended in about 40 minutes. I kept trying to tell him what was going on. He started asking really odd and out of place questions.

When I came in, I didn’t touch the door handle because the door was already open. He was all like “is there a reason why you didn’t touch the door???” I’m like, “no. The door was open.” Likewise, I was talked to like a child. I found such degrading.

He is a child pdoc, but due to shortage, I am unable to transfer as of now. I keep trying. It is hard because he has to check off on it and probably won’t.

I take Abilify and Sertraline. i do not want to gain any weight and asked him if I should expect any changes. He told me that Abilify is weight-neutral and does not cause weight gain. I almost called bullsh*t on this, because I know for a fact that it can.

Hands down, I don’t trust him. I don’t like him. Anyone switched pdocs due to similar reasons? Any similar experiences?

Oh lordy! I had Pdoc Armageddon! As I left his office the last time, he said he would start tapering my meds. I now go to my stepmom’s pdoc and they pay out of pocket for it.

This pdoc is good, but I hope I can find someone who takes Medicare and pdoc-ing seriously.

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my first Pdoc blamed all my problems on non existent sexual abuse by my grandfather…I got fed up with it after a year of weekly visits where he tried to persuade me to agree with him and tell people my Grampy molested and I stood up, threw his computer out the window and walked out of the building…had to pay 2K for a new monitor for his system…


I wish I wasn’t afraid to do that XD. He had it coming.

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My first psychiatrist had a philosophy of refusing to see patients who were in relationships, I didn’t know this despite several vague comments regarding said philosophy by a few people, I didn’t know about it until I was 23 when he referred me to a madwoman for therapy. I guess, I mean, I can remember talking to somebody who had schizophrenia who’d bought us beer one night and I told him I took medication and saw a psychiatrist and he asked me who I saw and was like “Uh…aren’t you in a relationship? He doesn’t like that too much” Or a friend of a friend said she’d seen him in her mid teens until he began asking inappropriate sexual questions. I hear that was the most frequent complaint, this guy wanted details and multiple partners.

I guess I wished I’d been less naive in not listening to these people.

Sorry to hear that your pdoc sucks. It is really hard to find a good one that you can trust. I have gone through 5 in the past 15 years, and I have finally found one that is great. He works with me, instead of telling me what I should do, or take. You might want to try another pdoc if the one you have is not working out. EDIT Why can’t you switch?

I have seen plenty of pretty crappy pdocs in my time - 2 of them verged on very negligent types, one was almost criminal in his practice.

Its one thing to have a psychiatrist that has zero personality, its another thing to be seeing a pdoc that is totally incompetent and doesnt know his or her meds.

Seeing a psychiatrist for 40 minutes or an hour is rare today, I am lucky to get to see my pdoc for 10 minutes - half an hour is a rarity - its a Medicare thing.

If you really dont like your pdoc and feel as if he does not respect you, then making a switch to another one might be in order - mutual respect is very important.

Best of luck with everything - Hope that you get to see a more respectful and sympathetic doctor, but sometimes they are hard to find.


You know from this and from other things people have said about their pdoc regarding how they talk about the side effects of meds, I think that pdocs aren’t really up to date all of the time. With how things move, updates to the knowledge of medications and mental illnesses, it’s a lot to keep up with. And only so often are doctors called back to school to keep themselves current. So perhaps you can try asking if they keep up to date with their profession and how the side effects of meds work. Then if they say they do keep up to date, you can hit them with your source and drop some knowledge on the side effects. And ask if they knew about that. Then how they confront the problem can tell you if you want to switch or keep doctors.

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I have a great Pdoc and am on Medicare, she schedules me for a 15 minute session but doesn’t book anyone for the 15 minute session after so I can have a 30 minute one instead.

Also I have had a number of bad Pdocs it was just the first one that really sucked, the one I had before my current one was the one who took me off all my meds and told me I was ‘imagining’ my illness…I immediately requested a second opinion…


SZ is not imagined.

Well, when I became an “adult” they are supposed to transfer you. However, due to a shortage, they kept me with him. I kept calling to reschedule but they kept directing my line to his nurse. It was annoying, and I just took the appointment.

Wow what are you like 18?

Who knows :wink: .

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I don’t like mine, tried to get a new one, and was told I couldn’t. I don’t trust them either.

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My current psychiatrist seems overwhelmed and confused with my situation.

She does not have a clear handle on my situation and diagnosis.

She is having a hard time treating me and is running out of options quickly.

I have tried a lot of antipsychotics and mood stabilizers with very little success.

Dont know what to do next to be honest.

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I’m sorry @Wave… I know you’re tried a lot of aps and that you’re stable on Risperdal. We know we have this debilitating illness and on top of that debilitating meds.

I’m rooting for you, just so you know.


Why thank you @Minnii, you are too kind :slight_smile:

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I had a bad PDoc once. Before he left his job. Or probably got fired. Who knows.
He talked to me like I was a child. Refused to believe my rapid and Constant weight gain. Had me on a cocktail of meds which was out of line. I thought he actually got sponsored or something. I have a child, and I am “lucky” that I am an outpatient who takes good care of myself, but I was told that if I didn´t comply that Social services would be informed. I later told another specialist at the same clinic about this, and it turned out I should never have been told that.

Never ever put up with a bad Pdoc. If you can get out and go to someone else, do it. The important thing is having someone who listens to you and is willing to change meds if they do not work.

I get tired of hearing about these lame Pdocs who think they are God.

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