I'm Sorry about talking about a job

sorry about talking about a job, its probably the last thing you want to hear,

esp if you are really unwell and find it difficult to do even the simplist things bc i was like that once and i know what its like, i couldnt go outside i was too paranoid, i couldnt do anything as it was too stress full and everything was just too much, i had to rely on my mum and dad to get things and i would spend hours in my room and i just hated it, i wasnt getting better i was just kinda stuck in sz land, the only time i got out was with a group and we went bowling and to play pool but it wasnt often just maybe once a week for an hour.

then i met my friend sweep and we helped each other a lot (i think she helped me more) and things were better then, she had a car and we went out a lot more (it was easier going out with her because she made me feel safer) the paranoia wasnt as bad when she was there.

then 3-4 years ago i had a med change and things got even better, i didnt have the flat effect anymore and i was smiling for the first time in ages and it just got better right up until now and thats why my main goal is to get a job bc that is my way of saying to the world that i have beaten this ■■■■ (even if i do still have to take medication) its still me saying to everyone i beat this ■■■■.

so i’m sorry for going on about this but i just felt that i had to explain myself, i know it is short but its hard trying to compress everything in 12 years into just a couple of paragraphs,

whatever you are doing just now to get better keep it up, every little thing counts and it all adds up :smile:
take care.



Why in the world are you apologizing for talking about how hard you’ve worked to over come this? People need to know that it takes work and time, but it can happen.

I’m really happy for you and I’m glad you have shared your progress. It’s not easy. We don’t always have to talk about the hard days and dark times. You have worked your butt off and done stuff that I can’t do. I’m still to freaked out to fly.

But I will asking you for tips on how you managed that and then I might be able to manage that too. It’s what this site is all about.

I am really proud of you for all that work and getting better and keeping your friend Sweep and being determined to keep healing. Please… talk about jobs all you want.


thanks jay, i wanted to apologize simply because i thought people might get fed up with me talking about jobs and college and everything especially if these are things that they cannot do,

its like being told ‘you can do it, you can do it’ over and over until it gets too much and then you want to do something but the problem is when someone does something and they are not ready and they feel pressured into doing things and that is the last thing i want to do is put pressure on anyone bc that is one of the reasons i got this disease in the first place.

tbh idk why i felt the need to apologize, i just felt the need and i acted upon it,

if i wanted to i could have posted another 3 threads today but i am trying to try and not post too much as i know people would not like me clogging up the boards, so i have kept them at the back of my mind and i will post them when i think its ok


write what you feel like, you are a beacon of light in the darkness, don’t hide it away…
take care


Don’t apologize, no need…
and keep posting new threads…it’s necessary.


I have never seen your posts as clogging up the boards :smile:


I am glad that you are in a better place now @Resilient1 - Please shout out the good news about how well you are doing from a mountain top! You deserve happiness and it is nice to hear some positive news :sunny: