How are you doing really?

How are things going for you right now?


It’s been a roller-coaster the past couple months around here. We moved into our new home, and it’s taking me a while to adjust. Still adjusting, actually. Feelings of predominately depression, anxiety, and stress.


Moving is rough. It took me months to get adjusted to our new place last time we moved. Hope you feel better soon


I am feeling like crap. Prozac has failed me and I cannot dual with the new one

This means I have to come down 10mg a week for 4 weeks, then have a week off before I can then start the new one

So frustrated, as I took nearly 2 months off work already, and I am back to the beginning again


Also, I had a job interview and didn’t get the job. They told me I was strong technically, but not as strong with people skills

Code for we know you have autism and think it will prevent you from working well.

In my old job I was very good and managing the people who reported in to me, and helping others.

Clearly I did not get this across

I am seriously considering the option of giving up with work now, as I am not getting the support I deserve from mental health services


I’m so sorry you are having a hard time. Hope things get easier soon. Are you in the US ? Have you tried for disability? It was hard for me to give up working but it just wasn’t sustainable for me any longer. But maybe you’ll end up finding the perfect job for you! Either way, sending you good vibes


I am in the UK

Get disability already that’s not means tested, but I would need to burn through my savings to get the full amount

Then I would have to be on a benefit called Universal Credit for 9 months before they step in and help with my mortgage

Things are a mess at the moment

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Ugh I wish they didn’t make things so difficult for people who need benefits to get them

Really? Im doing ok - almost better than ok actually. Started the pregablins this morning, and with the jab yesterday, im feeling back to the old seth.

Im pampering next doors cat - and actually went around the supermarket for some tuna for her and didnt feel anxious or paranoid.

Life is Good.


That makes me happy to hear, and I bet that cat is happy too!


Yeah her names “Tilly” - i catsit when the nieghbours go away on one of their many short breaks. Shes no trouble bless her. She was preening my head in bed last night lol.

Good to feel well for a change :slight_smile:

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That’s sweet! It makes me happy to hear when people are doing well

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Struggling with the usual physical health issues, feeling overloaded at work, and missing my kid. Trying to stay positive and keep going, focus on what’s good in my life. Yeah, work is making me nutz, but I’m well compensated and fortunate to have a job when so many lost theirs over the past year.

Basically okay. My therapist thinks I’m doing okay as well.


i been doing ok… doing my usual routines.

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I am stressed to the max, which is making my symptoms worse. To preface I live with my grandma, dad, aunt and cousin. My aunt is an addict who is most likely borderline. She’s very hostile especially to my grandmother. Two days ago her ex got out of prison and she brought him here. I’ve been paranoid that they would steal my things to pawn for money since they both don’t work. My dad finally told him yesterday that he is not welcome here. And that turned into a whole drama fest with my aunt lashing out before they finally left. However, my grandma is leaving town Friday for 4 days. I’m worried that my aunt will sneak him back in. Everyone here is stressed and that feeds into my symptoms. My HI is going through the roof. I’m just at a loss.


My schizophrenia has settled down in a way, but at the same time I still go through so much. Intrusive thoughts, restlessness, and voices.

On one hand I’m fine, I mean there’s no dinosaur chasing me or anything. But I have problems. I have stress with no end in sight. And it’s just in the early stages and only going to get worse. I’m trying to be proactive so hopefully that will help. And I keep reminding myself that no dinosaur is chasing me.


I feel a ton of anxiety today. I’m supposed to start a new exercise program in October and I don’t know if I can get through it. I feel so hopeless.

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I have a 4 month old baby. And I’m in the process of moving house. Things are really hectic.


Thanks for asking Owly!

Symptom wise I’m great, but physically I’m zapped from my vaccine jab.

Emotionally I’m covering-up and avoiding a lot of fear and self-doubt. That I can’t do what I need to do, but I can’t not do it either. It’s hard to keep moving forward when every step feels like a failure.

How are you back at you?


I’m doing OK. Getting by. No mania, very mild depression, and hallucinations & paranoia are few. So, I guess I’m doing well.

Thanks for asking. :slightly_smiling_face:

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