I'm so depressed

Been a long time since I got drunk and smoked weed. I havnt drunk for a year or smoked any weed for 3 years. Unfortunately last night I did and it’s feels like I’ve ruined everything I’ve worked so hard for

I feel like hanging myself, I don’t feel good at all.


U should have avoided weed and alchohol…soory to learn about ur situation…hope soon u will find peace …

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Hang in there. Pot isn’t a good idea and alcohol will make that worse.

Seriously. If it comes to self harm ring emergancy. I stopped smoking weed the moment I was diagnosed. You just can’t go back to some things no matter how cool the attraction.

Please be well and get back to us!


Hope you feel better soon
Hang in there

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Maybe it’s the effect of the weed
Stay away from it

Thanks guys…

.Tomorrow is a new day to start your sobriety. Learn from this experience and don’t make the same mistakes. Many people in AA relapse but you just grit your teeth and start over. Sh*t happens.


@Magicfish are you ok? you saied that you are stable…!!!

Dude you did a long time I cant do that long lol. Just get back on the horse and the slip up doesn’t change much. Just continue to take it 1 day at a time. You don’t lose all the work you put in for your sober time you got already.

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You had a slip. It’s no big deal. Just start again. I was sober for nearly 10 years but became psychotic and had a slip about 3.5 years ago. So now I’m 3.5 years sober I guess in theory. But in practice it feels like 13.5 !


@Magicfish Are you ok?

Try not to be too hard on yourself.

Be kind to yourself. Sobriety is tough. But everyday is a new day to start over :sunny:


Ya guys i just had a slip. It sux though ive been working so hard to get better on all fronts.

thanks though :slight_smile:


Like most everyone else said,

Today is a new day, and you can start again.

Having a night of poor decisions and feeling like ■■■■ about it later is an integral part of learning to be sober,

I think.

This doesn’t mean everything is wreaked, keep building…


Dump all in toliet. flush. Buy no more.

It never happened. Buy no more. The sun rose on today not yesterday.

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