I'm sick of being overweight

I’m a fat man, about 90 lbs over weight.

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I’m about 35 pounds from where I want to be

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I’m about 40 lb over what I want to be. It would do my back a lot of good to lose some weight for sure

I want to loose five kg in a healthy way.

The five kg make me look fat said my dad and I agree.

I can’t eat less though.
It would be dangerous to eat less than i do.
I don’t want to become anorexic.


I weighed 155 lbs. yesterday. I weighed 156 odd lbs. today. I’m 5’ 8.5" tall and female.


Technically I am 10lbs over my BMI weight but my doctor said for my height and build I am fine now. I use to be about 80lbs over weight.

I am right around 86 lbs over weight… I’m dropping weight really pretty quickly! I am counting calories and trying not to eat any sugar… It’s hard though

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At this point probably pushing 20-30 pounds overweight. Used to be more. I got really impulsive and hungry on abilify and in quarantine so I got delivery everyday from like mcdonalds. Awful

Now things are opening back up and I can go to the gym. Time to claw my way back to a normal weight


I’m like 33 pounds over weight.
I managed to lose a good amount of weight when I was off of the Depakote but now I’m back on it.

I am constantly battling these cravings for unhealthy food.

My nutritionist told me that Depakote increases your appetite immensely.

I am finding this to be a real problem.


How much is 59 kg in lbs?

multiply 59 by 2.5

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İ have at least 15 kilos reach my pre sz condition i have to give about 30 kilos.i used to be 83 i m 110 kilos.

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So I’m 147.5 lbs I think.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I want to know because a machine at the gym says to enter your weight in lbs instead of kg.


every kg is 2.2 lbs you are 59 kgs so you are 129.8 lbs

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Thank you for your reply.:slightly_smiling_face:

This gives me so much hope. I gained 60 pounds on meds and it’s destroyed my self esteem

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You can do it with hard work, determination and consistency. But I know it’s not easy. Just don’t give up


Thank you Pianogal…15151515

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To lose weight is not a short term thing. It requires a life change to healthy eating and exercise.

It really takes hard work, especially after the initial rapid loss most people have suddenly stops. It is a long term so you have to think years. And with a lifestyle change you are more likely to keep it off.

I eat 1550 calories, do 240 press ups a day, and now have started using my dumb bells some more. Even with this I just maintain weight.

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