I'm running out of chamomile here, boss

I’m having more and more symptoms, more and more often.

I am basically chugging chamomile tea at this point to keep from having to resort to seroquel.
I don’t wanna have to take it, it makes me lazy and stupid :cry:

I’m not sure what to do here. I’m not sure there’s anything I CAN do.

I just wanted to vent I guess


Did you try melatonin or Benadryl? Those are non habit forming. I also take cbd with melatonin and that helps. I used to take chamomile but it stopped working after a year. I think my body got used to it.


I can’t take benadryl or cbd, but I suppose I could try melatonin.
Isn’t that mostly for sleep, though?

What is your chamomile tea is for? To calm you down? I thought you needed it to help you sleep as that is why most people take it. But if you drink too much of it, your body becomes used to it and it it becomes ineffective. You could try the capsule form. That might make a difference.

It’s for calming, yes.
It helps me feel less restless and anxious

I understand. It sounds like you are drinking too much of it, and your body is adjusting. I would try the capsule form, or unfortunately take a months break and then try it again, to see if you can kick your body back into original mode. Sounds like your body built a tolerance to it, which is very common with chamomile tea unfortunately. Sorry, wish I could give you better advise.


Maybe my negative symptoms infected you lol

My meds make me lazy and stupid too but its better than being insane for me.

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Have you tried green tea? Green tea is what they get L-theanine from. You can buy a box of 100 tea bags for $4.00 at Walmart - “Uncle Lee’s” green tea is the brand name.

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decaf green tea is pretty good too if u want the effects of l theanine and not caffeine too. i like caffeine so i chug green and black tea. twinings english breakfast tea is a black tea that i like. black tea taste better than green to me and they both have l theanine

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Sorry you are feeling bad. This is a good place to vent.

Do you know what fuels the increase in symptoms? Physically and emotionally? Is there any of these you have an influence over?

Physically, lack of rest and lack of time to sleep properly.
Mentally, I have a lot of stress over finances and some family problems.

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ah…that’s too bad…

is there a way to get sleep and solve issues so there is less anxiety?
is there anyone to help out there? like a social worker or so?

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Valerian would be a good alternative for help with sleep. Also having a sleep ritual like burhsing your teeth, showering, changing sheets, low lights (lamp) etc. So your body knows its time to sleep soon and you feel comfortable.

Dont give up. Theres always hope. Juat look for it :slight_smile:

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My problem isn’t that I can’t sleep when I try, it’s that I have too much on my plate to be able to try at an hour where I’d get enough sleep before having to get up again


yeah, i get that…my mind does that too…hope it gets better…

I have no advice as I know you are extremely intelligent and have problem solved it to death and if there was an answer you would have come to it. But I’m chiming in to say I hope things get better and things shift soon so that you don’t have to resort to seroquel. I’m rooting for you.