I'm not szizophrenic btw so therefore my pdoc has said

It is OK for me to try coming off my antipsychotics at some point IF I WANT. (I have instead been diagnosed with psychosis NOS)

However I recently read on here the longer you stay on your antipsychotics the harder it is to come off without relapsing, is that true?

Any evidence from experience

Or scientific evidence?



I think you’re pretty much off them already, so I wouldn’t worry. You’re on something like 2mg abilify from what I remember. It has no therapeutic effect.

i know we have discussed this before but it’s incredible you don’t get a sz diagnosis havig it so much worse rhan me.

It may have a therapeutic effects on me. Last time I came off meds I relapsed. Right now on 2.5 mg, I have not relapsed

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It is always a risk, but if your doctor supports you and will be closely monitoring you, it seems like less of a risk.

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What dose were you on when you relapsed ?

I don’t know if I have it worse than you but yes it is weird that I didn’t get a sz diagnosis considering that I was well out of it for many months. And continued hearing voices on meds for like two months maybe. But they say it is because I am free from voices and now on a low dose that is why…

I do have trauma still from the experience though. But I hope to recover from that sufficiently at least.

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When I relapsed I had tapered off the antipsychotics from 15 to 10 to 7.5 to 5 to 2.5 to 0…along pdoc supervision


Yea, that’s true. Will have to consider pros and cons and evaluate if it is worth coming off. Under pdoc guidance for sure.

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I don’t know then :thinking:. (Maybe it’s just a coincidence that you haven’t relapsed while taking 2.5mg ? )

But if I were in your position, I’d be as cautious as you seem to be.

No I relapsed once I had come off 2.5mg so that’s what I mean. On 0 mg abilify I relapsed but currently on 2.5mg abilify I have not relapsed.(at least yet)

But yea you are right it could just be a coincidence that that is happening, but possibly not… I mean I can imagine even if it is a low dose, if I’m taking it every single day for years it could have an affect right but as you say, idk for sure. It might even be placebo, me thinking I’m perhaps protected making me feel less stressed. But perhaps not, lol. But perhaps yes, perhaps no,… Etc.

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I don’t know if you will relapse, but if your dr supports trying no AP for a while, then I think it’s ok to give it a go.

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No one can know if you will relapse not even your Drs. My psychiatrist stopped my meds and I relapsed after 2 yrs. Then my dx changed from psychosis nos to sz. I had the psychosis nos dx for 5 yrs.

Oh lmao didnt read your posts, dont stop your meds!
Since you already relapsed before without meds!

You can Google discontinuation paradox antipsychotic


I think it is worth the risk as long as if I relapse, I can get stable again on at most 5mg abilify, but that’s the thing I can’t guarantee that. Just because I got stable on 5mg one time doesn’t guarantee it will happen again.


Psychosis doesnt disappear on its own. You’ll need meds all your life. Anyways you’re only on 2mg Abilify and the minimum psychosis dose is 10mg.

No I’m on 2.5 mg lol.

How long are you on 2.5mg

May I ask why do you want to stop the 2mg? 2mg doesnt cause any negative symptoms. Its most likely psychosis damage.