Im lonesome again. any cheery thoughts?

I don’t know if I’ll ever meet a girl that would want me i feel like I’ve got too many problems… I wish i could trust God would care but i don’t

I feel the same way
I can’t meet a guy

I would date a sz girl…

Well I’ll pray for you buddy.

Girls man. They’re troublesome. There is probably one around you to meet though. Just be compassionate to who they are and don’t have any expectations.

I don’t know if you’re country or urban… but there are always bars, book clubs, and stuff like that.

Maybe reach out to some friends and just ask them if they know anyone who is single. They might set you up.

Advice is often a forethought of the troubled so it’s often a waste and a nuisance

How about a date then?

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I cant give advice i just got lucky to find a normie who puts up with me. But a cheery thought or 2 i might be able to provide.

Kayne west found someone to put up with his ■■■■ and he didnt even have to marry himself. I lost a bet because of that but anyway. Your worst sz day isnt anywhere near as un appealing as a selfish egomaniac with a god complexs best day.

I once had 2 gold fish i got when i was 3 i loved them little guys . When i was 8 my family moved from california to washington dc we went over the rockie mountains. We stopped on the other side and i checked my fish in the trunk. They were frozen solid in a solid block of ice i was very upset. We continued my dad said we would burry them when they thawed. The next day mid afternoon we stopped to lay them to rest. To my utter delight they thawed and were fine swimming around doing gold fish stuff. They lived to be 14 years old wich is ancient and they died on the sameday i thought that was sweet…

Sorry about the length of that i didnt realize how much i remembered of that story but its kinda cheery…one more and im done…no promise that it will be shorter and its not cheery but its so embarrassingly funny.

I was at the beach with my mom, dad, sister, her 2 kids and my gf not to mention atleast 100 random strangers. I was on my nephews
Boogie board doing fine riding waves in. I got cocky did a spin didnt realize how close to the beach i was. When i was facing forward again the board dug into the sand my shorts went to my ankles as my head dug into the sand planting my body vertically upside down. Everyone saw my snow white as$ as i was planted like a totem pole for the whole beach to see. The walk back to my laughing family was met with laughter and cat calls… I hope this makes you laugh its really ■■■■■■■ embarrassing.


I really don’t see how can have boyfriend with the problem I’ve got
I don’t have a social life and don’t go out in evening

Ty. Those stories are awesome!

Idk. It affects people in different ways. It might not be a dealbreaker to everyone

After leaving my abusive husband with my four month old baby, I remember lying on a bed in my parent’s house sobbing. Here I was: uneducated, single mom, living with my parents with no money and no job…I thought “who will ever want me?” I felt used-up and completely worthless. Focusing on healing and building my own life led to finally feeling more confident and eventually meeting my husband. I believe that living as full a life as possible without a partner often leads to finding a partner. I had years of lonely days and nights, but they all led to where I am today, so it’s worth it.


Awesome stories! Love the reality check regarding Kanye…omg…so true! :grin:

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Take away my communication devices – my books, my computer, my television, my music collection, my radio and my tablet and I feel lonesome. They keep me company.


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