I'm having lunch, if you'd care to join me

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How many of you date? Do you go with normies or common sz folk?

I want to jump into the dating world but I have so many insecurities… I am a man and am attracted to physical beauty. I’m trying to navigate my way around this but I am just so caught up on the superficial rather than finding someone who is just a good person. That is what I need, a relationship based around growth and fun. This may be the missing piece to my recovery. Cheers


good luck. once you get to know someone and like their personality, the looks won’t matter. you’ll find them beautiful.

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I have to admit I’m the same. I do need to be attracted to the person. if I’m not attracted to them it doesn’t mean they’re ugly it just means I’m not attracted them and you know what? That’s ok.

my past tells me that I won’t be around long enough to see if they have a great personality. and if she does, I’ll con myself into thinking that I can do better. someone with potential, that is who I am looking for. because in essence, that is what I am offering…

Loks fade.If you can find someone who is beautiful and has a good personality you’re in luck. If you want a long-time relationship and you pick someone who is pretty but she has a bad personality and is not a good person than you will live to regret it in the long run.