What kind of person would be an ideal date?

i think i would love to date a tall lady with a strong personality, she would have to be able to put me in my place as i can be a handful, i think i love someone from the telly but i forgot her name. she is gorgeous has dark hair and a lovely chest nice long legs and a full figure, i could cuddle her all night and never get bored, she is lively and funny, witty and smart great personality and cheekbones, love her innocence even tho this is an illusion lol, sorry have gone on a bit, i am praying to find a woman like this x

whats your ideal man or women?


Does she have a sister ?

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A mute, blind women. She couldn’t see what I look like and couldn’t interrupt or chatter too much.

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I would like someone sensitive; with some knowledge of mental illness or at least wont judge judge my everyday life. Someone who will be somewhat, assertive and make some decisions because these are my weaknesses but allow me to have my say. I want someone into the arts. Someone who will be considerate, kind, patient.

I know if sounds bad, but I want a combination of my parents in a partner… I suppose freud was right, with my case anyway. I may be wrong. I don’t know who I will find. I’m hoping ill know I’ve found the right person before I date. I’m not sure we’ll see…

Take care,

a poet of some kind -

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I’m hoping for someone who loves camping, fishing and swimming. Likes to read. Possibly an artist. Loves kids. Sense of humour a must. Stays out of trouble with the law. Does not do drugs. Doesn’t mind my room is full of Buddhas. Likes garlic and cheese. Someone who does not have an anger problem. Is not racist and is kind to those with disabilities or special needs.

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I’ve found my prince charming. He is sensitive and kind. Caring and loving. And above all he’s one sexy guy. To me he is at least. He’s not an underware model, but he’s my type. And he has the coolest blue eyes. I’ve told him details about my illness and things in my past I am ashamed of and he doesn’t bat an eye. My only complaint is when I get dressed up when we go out he doesn’t always compliment me. He’s getting better with that though. I really need to hear that from him because I am so insecure. I struggle with feeling I don’t deserve him because I am so fat. It really skews my perspective. I feel like people should treat me like dirt because of my weight. But I’m working on it. Him and I have so much fun together. We haven’t been dating long but I know he’s the one. I don’t know if I’ve ever been this happy. I hope all of you find your dream partner. But just a little advice; you have to love yourself first or you won’t be happy with your partner. When you find the one it doesn’t matter what flaws they have, you love everything about them. :sunny:


I wasn’t expecting C to be my knight in shining armor. I actually wanted to date a girl because I had developed a “great dislike” as I shall put it for most men. I don’t actively dislike most of them. It’s a more I hate them on principle kind of thing. Women are no better really but being female myself it makes their actions easier to ignore.

That was in order to say this- don’t be too picky. I’m not saying date someone who has a history of being an abuser, but give people who seem decent and have a decent reputation a chance. When you find love, it probably isn’t going to be from where you expected.


Smart and funny, those are absolute must haves. Kindness is important. Independent and spirited women are very attractive.

As far as physical appearance goes, I’m getting old and the older I get the more I know that physical beauty fades. It’s not something very high on the list of traits I find necessary in a woman. Of course it’s easy for me to write that when my girlfriend is beautiful. :smile:


I would like to date with a woman who had similarities with me,better if she is quiet,a little introvert,not very smart but can think well and also she is average looking or above average and she loves me and can tolerate me :-),that’s what I am looking for in my partner

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I think I’ve been very lucky. What started off as just neighbors went to friends and after a few of my episodes and hard nights, my friend stayed by my side and as time has passed, this friendship has grown even more.

I try to live by my motto: when I’m looking for love, I find chaos. When I look for friendship, I find love.


the girl i fancy from the telly is called louisa and she was on tv on celebrity big brother 2013 here in the uk
idk why i fancy her, i mean i watched her and i thought i didnt like her but i must have liked her in some way i think its more her attitude and personality, i know she would never go near me tho.

Are you quite serious? She looks scary, like a Xena Warrior Princess type that would kick your butt! If this is the same Luisa from that programme…

Looks really don’t count though…just looks like she has attitude, LOL

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I can’t give a definite answer. Sometimes a woman will have all the qualities I look for in a woman, but we just can’t communicate - we’re somehow cut off from each other. Then some woman will seem to be lacking, but we’re somehow in sync. One of the strongest things that attracts me about a woman is how she expresses herself. Sometimes I think I’m in sync with a woman, but then I’ll see she isn’t very bright. Most of the things that defeat me in relationships are my own faults. It takes an understanding woman to put up with me.

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i think she looks like a cuter version of Zena and i actually liked Zenas female sidekick forget her name tho haha idk what that means lol but yeah i guess i just want to be dominated but not too much, i dont want a little miss bossy boots tho lol, yeah luisa is my kind of girl lol i also like willow from buffy the vamp slayer lol i think xenas side kick and willow were both lesbians tho :s

I would like a man who is devout Muslim, bearded, gentle, soft spoken, kind and caring, and likes birds and cats like me, and who has a stable income. And I got him - my husband! :smile:


Gabrielle…the one who was too laid back in the first few seasons and finally took on a more aggressive action role…
Dawn was the cool one in Buffy… another one who had to come of age…

Here’s some nostalgia for you :smile:

Hey I posted that at 11:11 too… and 17 of 17

Think i have a crazy taste in women, comes with the territory I guess, probably the reason I havent met anyone yet lol

Anyway that’s enough about me lol what about everybody else?