I'm getting sicker

Not too long ago I could consume huge amounts of sugar with no bad effects. Sometimes I’d fix myself a bowl of oatmeal and put five tablespoons of sugar on it. I cut way back on that when my wheezing started to get worse. But today we had a cookout, and I ate some bar b que chicken, a couple of Dr. Peppers, and a piece of pie, and suddenly I got a lot sicker. I started wheezing badly when I just walked up a slight upgrade. I don’t think it is the sugar alone that is doing this to me. We get to see the medical doctor once a month, so I am going to ask him what he thinks.

you have asthma. has nothing to do with sugar.
inhalers may or may be covered.
were you ever an athlete?
if it’s not asthma, something with the heart.

I’m on inhalers already, but thanks for the input.

well then, what the hell, what does sugar have to do with anything?

No telling. I had an uncle who had diabetes, but he was the only one in the family. I am a diagnosed alcoholic, and I had a different uncle who had that. But I have always craved sugar. From the word “go”. Alcohol is a form of sugar, and I craved that too. Between my second to eleventh beer the alcohol had an effect like a narcotic on me. From the first can I wanted more, more, more. I could put away prodigious amounts of alcohol, mainly beer. This one therapist told me that ten percent of the drinkers in America drink ninety percent of the booze. That ten percent is the alcoholics.

yeah, but I haven’t scrolled up., I thought the poster was talking about wheezing.
why did you change this to diabetes.
something unrelated?
plus it may be a myth that diabetes all starts from too much sugar.
me, sz, daughter CF, son Down have always had a 50/50 chance of getting it, mine from psych meds, not weight, and my kids, genetic complications precusor.

It changed to diabetes as a possible reason for my wheezing. And it covered alcohol because alcohol is a form of sugar, and I always craved sugar.

interesting how you picked this line out
outta a good comment about my kids and me,
maybe you’re just answering a question.
beer doesn’t cause diabetes.
I will never believe that.

I’ve heard that some researchers think that there is a genetic link between alcoholism and diabetes. Also alcohol is a form of sugar, which does cause diabetes.

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