My system reacts to sugar

Any time I get a little sugar in my system my mood skyrockets. I’ve always craved sugar. I think all the sugar I had been consuming somehow inflamed my bronchial tubes, because I got badly winded very easily for a while, and I think it was the sugar that caused it. I told our physical doctor about it, and he put me on an inhaler, and that cleared it up, but I am slowly sliding back to may old ways.

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I see there’s some countries now using a sugar tax. I don’t think that is a bad idea where you tax stuff that is high in refined sugar like soft drinks etc. Too much is definately a problem.

They tax smoking and drinking quite a bit, but I don’t know about sugar. Maybe. It would hurt my pocket book.

Yeah it’s tough for those who don’t have a lot but taxing cigs is a no brainer. Associated health costs down the chain is the problem. I’m curious about the sugar. Like I do try to eat pretty well but most days I have a donut or something sugary for morning tea. I’m open to the idea as I think it’s a good goal for society in the long run simply for health outcomes.

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Sugar causes the same reactions to the brain as many illegal drugs do.

Sugar vs. Cocaine: The Science Behind Why Sugar is So Bad For You (

It is no wonder you feel it.

I feel better from just eating fruit, but I don’t do the hard stuff of sugar. :smiley:

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