Watch your intake! (Diabetes)

Ugh ugh ugh.

You would think I’d be more careful.

Accidentally bought regular creamer instead of Zero Sugar.

Started feeling just awful after my coffee and breakfast this morning. Head pressure, face pressure (like elevated blood pressure feels), headache, and some gnarly nausea.

Had checked my sugar when I qoke up and it was normal, but figured I would check again. Now, all I had was the 1 cup of coffee, a little bread, and 1/2 cup or less gumbo broth.

Sugar was 257!!! Highest it has ever been. Took metformin and tramadol right away. Tramadol actually.lowers sugars really fast, so be careful if you are prescribed that, diabetic or not.

No more of this creamer :frowning:


this is what i have to look forward too.

i am pre diabetic type 2.

Yeah, it’s annoying. I was hypoglycemic, but covid pushed me into diabetes back August 22. I had great blood sugars for years.

Try not to catch covid if you are pre-diabetic, of you can avpid ot at all.

Pre-diabetes you can.make good lifestyle changes and stave diabetea off for a long time.

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I think diabetes occurs too often with schizophrenia.

I was diagnosed with Prediabetic Hypoglycemia in 1977. It took a six-hour glucose tolerance test to diagnose that.

I went for my six hour glucose tolerance test because I had symptoms and because I read diabetes occurred too often in schizophrenia. Subsequently, I finally figured out how to eat.

Things have changed, however. By now, my glucose numbers have been high numbers for several years. For example, this month I hit 123, my highest yet.

I have to eat differently, or I will be living with diabetes.

You would think I would be more careful! We are fellow sufferers!

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Oh man. I’m so glad you checked it even though it was initially normal. You could have thought it was something else. I’m also glad you have meds to get it back down.

I ate an apple and a few slices of cheese this morning and had a blood sugar reading of 190 something. Its ridiculous. I’ve been having blood sugars of 250 to 300 frequently. Sick of this crap.

On a bizarre side note, my blood sugar was 80 something when I woke up around 1 am when it was 250 something after having a salad the night before. Its seems completely unpredictable and unmanageable no matter what I do. Whatever, I guess.

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Sorry to hear about that… Blood sugar is really difficult to deal with. I was prediabetic before when I was a smoker. I know how annoying it can be, but I wasn’t aware that something as small as a bit of creamer could put your health at such a risk. Wishing you health!

Yeah, certain creamers can be loaded with sugar, you have to be careful. I have diabetes from the Ap’s mostly from Clozapine. I have to be careful. I also take metformin.

It’s now dropped to 83. It’s all over the darn place. Now I have to eat. Probably crashed because it wasn’t sugar from actual food.

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