I'm fu**ed

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I think it makes sense. For one, we’re talking about dating app data. Secondly, if you can establish a nice profile (good pics, interesting, and some levity) then I think your chances are significantly better regardless of looks. A lot of times us dudes who aren’t aesthetically shining don’t put in enough effort into our profiles.

Dating apps in general promote a quick reactionary response based on first impression.

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I completely agree, I think that what making numbers seem so off.

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Interesting. Many women I know found their husbands online.


I guess that depends when they got married, the dating app landscape has changed drastically over the years.

This article claims a fundamental aspect of incel ideology.

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Dating apps have turned into clickbait generators. Get out and meet people in person when you can.


My husband and I met the old fashioned way.

Being sleazy at a bar.

Get out in the world people!

You are more than a picture and a two sentence description.


I was and am f***ed as I my foundation to building relationships was screwed to the max. I think it all depends on how we start rest will fall in place.

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