Not sure if i should meet up with anyone anymore go on dating apps

I feel too depressed.

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Mate. Dating Apps Are Brutal. If your like me, you will need a thick skin to use them. You can talk to someone for a few days - get all emotionally excited - and then they will just ghost you.

They will dismiss you like your a piece of meat, and if your depressed already - you will wont want that.

No coffee shops you cant frequent with a coffee and paper? And try to be chatty?

The trick is not to try so hard, some people will see your lonely and will take advantage - expecially if your female.

Learn to be comfortable and alone in your own skin first. x


I am asexual and went on a couple dating apps recently. They don’t respond well. The men I have encountered are very sexual and want and expect sex. No one has been mean, per se, but yeah…I am ish out of luck for dating.

Sorry - but i truly believe its the current generation. Im 50 this year - And i was taught that you ask the Father if you could date their Daughter First. And sod that conning 3 dates rule - where a bloke expects to get his leg over on the 4th Date.

Its all bloody Lust. Where is the love. Todays music Rap Culture does not help matters either.


@Naarai I am 55 and I have been divorced 17 years. I live in the Pacific Northwest in the USA. My experience is that males want 2nd date sex. First date is drinks or coffee, next date is dinner at his house and, if he gets his way, sex. I tell them up front, I am not interested in sex (this was a few years ago) and they say “Oh sure! That’s fine.” but then they go for it anyway. Aggressively. Two of them in a row…so i quit the app and quit dating for a few years.
I am adjusting to the possibility of being single until I pass away. With the advent of drugs, like Viagra, men can pursue sex well until their elderly years. Seems pretty hopeless

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Sorry. But in my mind - that’s what you would call over here a Predator. Almost like sex tourism - where they are well known to frequent dating sites for such a thing.

Keep a pair of pliers under your bed - so you can chop it off!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I Sincerely hope you find a Proper Gentleman that Deserves You :hugs:

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Thanks @Naarai :slight_smile: Much appreciated

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I don’t think it’s so much rap as it is the internet. The internet has ruined old school socializing(as we talk on the internet lol). It’s a double edged sword. Or by internet screens made useful by the internet. Thankfully I have day treatment or I’d be on my screen even more.

I get what I call psychic headaches and psychic phenomena from dating apps. I’ve signed up maybe a total of six times on tinder and plenty of fish. Each time even when I forget about it and don’t use it I start getting a little psychotic and headaches. I have no idea why. Once I cancel I feel better in a day or two. I’ve given up on those though. Day treatment is where I actually meet people though I haven’t had anything there stick. Still fun to flirt and talk to chicks and become friends at day treatment.

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