I'm finally seeing results from my first month at the Gym

Spent last month swimming, about once a day for mon-fri my diet didn’t change so my results aren’t huge but they do mean progress and it really isn’t that long a road to get to where I want to be. I’ve gotten down to 276 on the scale that’s from 278. So I’ve gotten two pounds off without a diet change. I’m struggling to change my diet.

Pop is my real enemy here, but its becoming cooler and cooler means tap water gets more appealing. That’s gonna be what I hope happens at least.

Rooting for myself and just posting this to kind of try to get some social investment so that I can feel more stressed out when I decide to try to rethink going to the gym.


Good job! Take it one day at a time. Each day is another change to do it and bd successful for that day.

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Keep up the good work. My doc said swimming is one of the best types of exercise.

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