My weight loss seems to have stalled 🤔

I’m on 2000 calories a day. I don’t think I have the willpower to eat less than that.

So I may have to accept that my current weight is now my final weight.

Unless this is the fabled “plateau” where your body temporarily stops losing weight while dieting.


Are you able to meet with a dietitian? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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I saw a dietician for a year then gave up for a year then started on my own again a few months ago.

It’s basically down to mathematics. If I could eat say 1700 calories a day then things would start moving again.


It took me 18 months to lose 70 pounds. After 6 weeks I lost 15 pounds and said to myself, “well, I guess that’s it.” But I didn’t give up and lost 55 pounds more.

If you do it everyday and never give up you will get better results.


I feel you. I keep gaining two pounds a month and I am too lazy to exercise. I know I will have to do something soon because its becoming out of hand. I just don’t have any motivation.


Thanks @anon99082702 that’s good motivation. I’ll stick with it.


@anon99082702 that’s amazing, I wish had the motivation like you!! I am at 200 lbs and climbing. I am thinking about getting a gym membership soon.

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I cheated on my diet yesterday and the day before. I’m back on track today though. I’ve gone down 2 clothing sizes in 2 1/2 months


Exercise is the key to weight loss. If I never exercised and only restricted my calories (restrictive diets are not recommended by the way, you’ll end up with bigger problems than you started with) it never would have worked. Join a gym, but start slow. I started 5 min. Lite elliptical and 5 min. Lite exercise bike.

But over the years I’ve turned into a cardio monster doing 26 min intense elliptical EVERYDAY! I see new members at the gym overdoing it, these people don’t stick around. Your arms/legs/heart etc. will gradually get stronger as your workout increases. People want immediate results and that’s just not realistic. The weight did not go on overnight, and it’s not going to come off overnight either.

I also credit exercise with giving up drinking and quitting nicotine.

Exercise had changed my life and is the second most important thing I do everyday. The first being taking my meds.


I doubt it is tour final weight. You probably hit the plateau. Just add a little exercise, even walking, and it should start again.

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same here I stalled at 148. I cut my calories down to 1000 and did intermittent fasting but the weight stopped falling off. actually now im back up to 150-155 but it’s no big deal im trying to put on a little muscle now. it seems to really lose weight now I have to fast or go keto.

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@anon99082702 In your opinion, is walking enough exercise to help with weight loss? I can only do light exercise because of other medical conditions. I’ve worked it up so that I can walk one circle around my community (a little under a mile), and that’s about 15 minutes. I’d like to up it to two circles in a couple of weeks and keep going from there until I can do several. I can’t really do other exercises, though. What did you do?

if You have medical contidions that prevent you from vigorous workouts I’m going to hesitate to give advice. Probably your doctor would know best.

But my dad is 77 years old and goes for crazy walks. He will be gone for 45 minutes doing very brisk pace walking. I assume he’s got the o.k. From his doctor for the amount of exercise he gets given his age…

My doctors have okayed walking.

The same thing happened to me and then I started to run everyday and now it’s coming off.

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The dreaded ‘Stalling’ . Several years ago I tried losing weight by cutting meal sizes and having less takeaways. I didn’t go down the calorie counting route as I’ve always found it difficult to get a precise idea of calories consumed, and to organise myself around calorie counting. It was fine for the first 8 weeks or so. I lost about 9 lbs. The kind of slow but steady loss that’s recommended . Then it stopped. I persevered for a couple more months without success. Eventually I put the weight back on.

Exercise is a difficult one. I’m not one for going to a gym. I’d find it hard to keep up with an exercise class due to coordination issues. The only exercise I enjoy is swimming and walking. Swimming- I’d have great difficulty getting to because of my poor sense of direction. Walking is also restricted because of my poor sense of direction…

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I’m a fan of doing 85-90% maximum heart rate, but I’ve worked up to that over the years.

Walking at a slow pace and power walking really don’t belong in the same category. I think I’ve heard power walking can have more benefits than jogging.

But as you increase from 1 lap to 2 laps, can you also increase intensity level? If you can that would make 3 laps more exciting and doable. Again, I don’t know what your limitations are…

i guess I will ask my doctor and find out. All I was told was that walking is okay. i had to check with three different doctors, too!

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You might have hit a plateau. Keep going and you should see more progress. Don’t give up!!! It happened to me also but I kept at it. Try walking a little bit everyday because that will only speed up the process for you to lose weight. Start off slow and work your way up. I went from 184lbs to 164lbs and it took months of dieting and excercising to get at a good weight.

Another reason could be that your medication might be preventing you from losing weight because since I started taking Mirtazapine I’ve gained 10lbs and can’t seem to go below that so maybe your medications might be limiting how much weight you can lose. But hang in there and don’t give up it takes time to see results.

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