I changed my mind, L-theanine is awesome!

I have tried l-theanine in the past but I didn’t notice much of an effect so I discontinued it. But in hind sight I might have misjudged it because I was taking it when I felt fine.

The other day I had some anxiety and some really uncomfortable agitation from lack of sleep, it happens quite often, I usually just suffer through until I take my sleeping pills and fall to sleep. A couple days ago it was worse than normal and started earlier in the day than usual. i could feel it in my body but really intensely in my thighs, it made sitting still difficult, I was desperate for relief and didn’t know what to do, while benzos work I didn’t want to take one because I don’t want to mix benzos in the afternoon then z-drugs later that night.

I had some l-theanine on my dresser and it says on it “Helps to temporarily promote relaxation”, so I thought what the hell I’ll try the l-theanine again, so I took 100mg of l-theanine and within 45 minutes felt a hell of a lot better. The agitation and anxiety faded away, there was some residual agitation feeling in my thighs that kinda felt like burning but it was easily tolerable. I took another 100mg about 6 hours later and my symptoms were totally gone. I’ve been taking 100mg twice daily now 9am/9pm and haven’t had any anxiety or agitation since.

I’m still experiencing insomnia, but the anxiety and agitation I experience when I haven’t slept or haven’t slept well is total gone, what a relief!


I’ve found it extremely hard to judge the few supplements I’ve tried. Sarcosine for example I tried and some days I thought it was doing some good, other days I didn’t. You just never know whether it’s the placebo effect or not.

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I’ve gone 3 days without any agitation or anxiety so I think it is more than just the placebo effect, but placebo effect or not I experienced relief.


Selenium helped me to calm agitation, less impulsive on it also better cognition. Its much better than expensive L theanine. As you said I find it hard to feel any effect from L theanine alone. Matcha green tea is better in this regard.

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I’ll read up on Selenium, I don’t even know what it is.

Its a mineral needed for proper thyroid function. Thus useful for cognition. Better cognition usually gives better mood.

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thanks for the information.


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Welcome! @alexsunny123 :grinning:

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I increased my l-theanine to 4 x 100mg per day.

I read it only has a half life of about an hour, that means after 5 hours its out of your system.

If I take 100mg every 4 hours that keeps a steady state in my system and I feel fantastic.

I took mine at noon today. I don’t take it with my meds. And I use it every couple days if I need to calm down.