I'm exhausted. Someone could help me with some support?

I’m exhausted.

My legs are hurting.

I’m stuck inside my mind.

I’m not having patience with my mother, what happens is that she has rheumatoid arthritis and keep calling me every time, I know I have to help her, but it becomes tiresome.

just keep reminding yourself she helps you as well. You both kind of need each other.


You’re right!:slight_smile:

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Could you apply to get a care worker for your Mother or some form of support and help to assist you?

You can maybe speak honestly to your Mother about it.
But perhaps try to be sensitive, understanding , respectful and polite .

You could ask for some help so that you can get some space and time and figure out what idea you like to work with to get in some income.
There are plenty of business ideas and things you could probably do or if its easier to be hired in for a while as a paid employee by a employer.

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Unfortunately, my father can’t pay someone to take care of her everyday.