I'm cured from mass delusions

I don’t have schizophrenia,I don’t think I was ever sz. because I stopped doing drugs. I also gave up my dreams of being a professional conspiracy theorist. My tv is broke so no more symbolic commercials. The shadow people/ arm thing was a placebo because my doctor said the mind will play tricks. Plus the illuminati is like just plain obviously fiction. I don’t have a mind just a brain with thoughts. Those voices were my thoughts. And the episodes? The possession…my x lied to me. I was just delusional at one point. A diagnosis doesn’t mean anything because they was wrong. Just get money and love your people. Fix them problems don’t embrace it on here. Life is too short not to have ice cream


Giving up street drugs are a win for sure!

Having symptoms after they leave is a problem in itself.

Eat the ice cream. Eat the pills. Eat what you like …if it’s schizophrenia then it’ll haunt you forever! That becomes a problem very fast indeedy.

A sceptical friend in the struggle,


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Thanks. I’m still just as off. I was talking nonsense

as long as you amuse yourself, right?

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Random aside but I’ve wondered all this time how your trip to the bar went after you posted that ad. Glad to at least see that nobody murdered you.

it was horrid. i got to the hotel and couldn’t find the damned thing!!! i walked around for ten minutes, past a banquet room, past a conference auditorium, and began to think it was closed. i went out one door and in another. then i ran into a locked door, decided my feet were sore, and went home. lol. i told myself i’d give myself a half hour to shake the jitters and then i’d call and ask if the bar was open and where it was, but i lost my nerve :frowning: some other time.

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Well that sucks, but glad nobody gave you a hard time, anyway. I got them overprotective psycho genes.

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wow, and surprisingly, i suddenly like you. <3 will you be my mommy?

That’s how you keep things interesting while on a journey. Entertain yourself.even in the quietest moments