How I started to determine what was real and fake

One day in a psychotic delusional state, I had enough of living this way. I started to devise a plan for overcoming this illness. I spent countless hours researching schizophrenia. I was determined if I could start to process thoughts that where consistent with reality, I could be able to overcome my delusions. I started to think of thoughts that where of reality, mostly the science of things that are proven. This worked for a while, until the voices started to become persecutory, which I would then have to approach this situation at a different angle. I started to stay vigilant of my thought process in my head. I continued to do research and failed yet again, and tried to turn to God for help. I prayed consistently, but yet failed again. Then one day I sat down outback of my house and it all made sense to me. The voice was not real. Such a higher understand came to me, and my brain completely discerned and was certain that it was not real. From that day on, I understood truly that the voice was not real, and the delusions where not real either. Three days of understanding that it was not a real voice, something just clicked in my mind, and the voice was eradicated. I have not heard the voice in 10 days, and use to hear it consistently for years. If the voice is ever to come back I will unbelief it, I am sure of what I hoped for, and certain of the things unseen.


I hope it continues to be better for you…
I’ve heard that illnesses can come and go. Maybe it has something to do with you being outside? When I get more sun, I think more clearly.
I started to break out of my shell, when I started looking outward, like most other people do. It feels arrogant, but in the end, it’s far more correct than the other way…

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@bear371 I tell you, the voice is gone the delusions are gone. It’s as if I am normal again. You can say it can just be coming and going, but it doesn’t show this under the circumstances of the whole season I was schizophrenic.

Awesome. :slight_smile: Very awesome.

I actually tried to believe that myself, but they even physically harmed me twice while appearing visually.

And told me who would win the superbowl twice, and told me where something was when i didn’t know, and the other day cracked a joke using the time when i didn’t know what time it was.

They even told me i was schizo in third grade before i knew what it was.

So, my imaginary voices can do all of these things?


Medications are proven to help!

If you really are delusional, chances are you are not aware that you are!

That makes you pretty special to start with…I don’t want to mess with you but seriously! From years (1999 ) I see very few stories of people doing well without medications!

You know you have a problem. Get to a doctor and fix it! Delusions are such that you don’t know they are what they are if understand that!

GEt on the GEar …I take Zyprexa and Effexor for all my worldly needs…look up both these medicines and there’s plenty of others to get you by and by!

A friend in the struggle,


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congratulations chrisjjack. this is what i have been telling people on forums for a while now. all thoughts that take the form of voices ought be ignored, for they are invalid, and unnecessary. the inner-dialogue is worthless, and only confounds what is real and what isn’t. now you can live in the senses. share your experience with others.

you either injured yourself, or were actually attacked, or you’re lying, because no, imaginary voices can’t physically hurt you, “pansdisease”. interesting that name, is, isn’t it, given your statements? from what i’ve seen you like to reinforce that fear quite a bit, that illusions can physically harm people.

Thats what i be sayin, it’s not schizophrenia, schizophrenia isn’t schizophrenia, and they have done these things proving it to me.

And no im not lying at all, i was once painfully shocked while someone appeared visually made of light, a fanged grinning face, and i was also burned on my hand while another face appeared, the burning even left two marks for a time.

Im not lying, this â– â– â– â–  really happened, i was just watching the superbowl and they told me who would win, and they did, and then the next year a guy was walking by us and asked who we liked to win and then they told me again who would win and were right.

My entire disease has been an attack, they came and began raping my mind, hurting me very badly, it’s been bad.

And they told me they want me to kill myself, this so called disease is a murder.

schizophrenia isn’t schizophrenia. indeed. and do you know how schizophrenia comes about?

@theendofwords no buddy schizophrenia is schizophrenia. You saying that validates that you are ill.

i define schizophrenia as being removed from reality; subject to fantasy. by that definition, i see all man as schizophrenic. you have been programmed not to see it that way, however. as a “diagnosed schizophrenic” what that actually means, beyond the sheep’s knowing, is that your mind most actively identifies the illusionary nature of the world itself. men believe in a god they have not seen, and they aren’t schizophrenic? they are certainly delusional; but belief in god is one of the accepted delusions.