I'm being ditched by the mental health system. I am on my own now

Seemingly lack of resources, the fact that I’m stable and that I’m not taking APs means I’m being cut off of the only regular link I had with mental health professionals.I made clear (in a polite and measured way) that I was unhappy about the decision and perplexed they wouldn’t even provide me with a contact number in case of emergency. All they said was that in that scenario I should contact the emergency services, but didn’t specify which one.

Perhaps this is the first step in a gradual process to deprive of any help. At some point they’ll claim I’m not sick enough to be receiving benefits and they might even kick me out of the country. I feel like a sinking ship everyone who ever claimed to be on my side is abandoning. Eventually they’ll dispose of me and it will be like I never existed.


That must feel bad. Even though you say you’re not sz I’m sure you feel you need some of their support. At the very least you want to keep seeing them so that when it comes time for your Social Security disability review they will see you are still using services and therefore still disabled. Don’t want your money to get cutoff.


I’m very sorry to hear. What has happened?

I don’t think they will deprive you any help or kick you out of the country when you are in the system right now.

If you need emergency service (psychiatric) you can google “akut psykiatrisk hjælp” and then your area.

Or you can post me and I will find out where you belong.

Hope you find a solution.

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They say it won’t affect me in any negative way but I don’t trust them anymore. I feel they are slowly but surely going into full bureaucratic mode and it’s only a matter of time before I’m allowed to sink down the drain. I’ve been boasting of how the devil (should he exist) has been protecting me from harm because he needs me. I think I broke an unwritten agreement with him in which I accepted not to divulge the terms. This feels like a rerun of my ocd days when I thought that not giving in to the rituals would land me in hell.

Damn Im sorry to hear that. That is like the nightmare scenario for me. Im not on benefits but I might end up that way I think. Im not well enough to be working the job I am

How are you doing, maybe theres another doctor around? Idk how it works in your country


I don’t know, maybe I’m too well yet they insist I’m schizophrenic and have been supportive of me getting financial help. I’m starting to be scared of them.

I’m British but I live in Denmark. They have been very nice with me and I want to trust them. They specifically told me that the decision won’t be affecting my eligibility for benefits. Time will tell.


Thats good at least. I think things will be ok, Ive heard good things about the danish system

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That’s a bummer, @seksoempirico.

I’ve found that if you don’t use all of the services the mental health system offers, they chuck you.

This happened to me with a community mental health center when I refused to switch my therapist to one of theirs.

…They dropped me like a hot potato.

I had to basically start from scratch with a new pdoc (who unfortunately passed away recently).

I stuck with my same therapist, though… Well worth it.

Hoping you’ll be able to find some form of help-- whether it be a pdoc (if you decide to take APs again), or simply just a kind ear to voice your concerns to.

Be well :sunny:


You could always seek help from a regular doctor and just ask for a prn. They are very helpful for moments when you are struggling. I don’t know if you’ve ever used one before. The one I used was Ativan. I still use it if I have to go highway speeds in a vehicle because I have a phobia and panic. So I just phone up my doc and say I have to go out of town could you get me 4 Ativan and she does. So maybe you could have a few on hand for emergencies. Also, sometimes Drs. offices have councilors to talk to. Just because mental health dropped you doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.


If you are not sz, what help do you need?

Even without meds, you still have the diagnosis to get the benefits you need as the deeming bodies consult medical notes. They won’t kick you out of the country for it, so it is unfounded worry.

It is pretty common, even in the UK to say that if the person is functioning, doesn’t need supervision or meds then being taken off the primary carers list happens. It is only the ones who have a history of difficulty or psychosis that they need to check up on.

If everything goes tits up then they will have to start the whole process again beginning with hospital visit, gp visit for assessment and sectioning if needs be.

If you worry about it, symptoms are more likely to appear, so I’d let it go if I was you.

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Resources are limited. They need to be directed to people who are unstable or medicated as a priority. This should not be surprising?


Im not saying its true in your case, but thats why you should always engage with the mh services, even if you dont like what they are doing or cant be bothered, cos here in the uk if you miss a couple of appointments - your gone, and then your screwed if you want supporting evidence for a benefit claim.


that sounds complicated. On one hand you feel you do better without AP’s but on the other you’re worried if you arent deemed as med-compliant would lose benefits. Either way it sounds stressful. Are you able to work without benefits? I mean that should be the reason you receive them (you cant hold down a job), and non-compliance is a common issue with schizophrenia.

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If you’re not mentally ill, why do you need disability?

I am not sz but my doctors and, if polls are to be believed, most forum members believe that I am. I’ve always been a little paranoid about bureaucrats, and who wouldn’t be.

I’m only unstable insofar I can look normal to others and have up to now received a lot of support to avoid stressful situations. Also, it’s a matter of propriety, a doctor had recently addressed this question with me and we agreed to continue the visits. Then yesterday I receive a polite but frosty call by a nurse I’ve only seen once and shown the door. She didn’t even care to discuss my AD situation and needed refill and was unable to provide me with any number or contact details for a crisis situation. This is not how you handle delicate decisions whatever the budgetary constraints.

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I don’t think I can work.

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Other people think that I am. Isn’t lack of insight common among szs?

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Thanks, insightful and kind as always.

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