I'm being ditched by the mental health system. I am on my own now

IMO He’s the typical very intelligent person in denial about being severely mentally ill. Those kind of people are perhaps the hardest to treat as they can construct articulate but ultimately erroneous reasons as to why there is nothing wrong with them. A well funded MH service can persevere with such people. When it’s not as well funded those kind of people can find themselves being ditched by secondary MH services.


This is what we’ve been telling you forever, like broken records and you wouldn’t listen.

I think you sabotaged yourself not conforming to the program.

I feel bad for your situation, but this is what you wanted, right?


Couldnt have said it better myself @firemonkey

No, it’s not what I wanted as I have made known repeatedly. And here on the forum, have you seen me complain about having to visit the doctor or deny that I have problems (ocd, depression, existential crisis?). I did not want meds (although I’m taking sertraline) but I’ve always wanted and welcomed talk therapy. I had a psychologist but she went on maternity leave and was never replaced.

You wanted this for yourself and now that they kicked you out of the system you want back in.
You can’t have it both ways @seksoempirico

I just explained that this is not what I wanted. If you’re so keen to pass judgement at least examine all the facts first.

Im confused. You dont want to take meds but you take Sertraline which is an SSRI. I took Prozac and it made me completely manic and delusional You might like how SSRI’s make you feel how are you taking it if you are not seeing a psychiatrist?

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I’m sorry for your situation.

Is there family you can live with until you can find a way back in the system?

It’ll take a while and I honestly don’t know if it’s possible.


Exactly, somehow they forgot I’m taking sertraline, that we had recently discussed that I should wait, in order to avoid stress, until I move into my new flat next week before I gradually quit it under their supervision.


They say nothing is going to change, so maybe I’m just being paranoid. I’m taking an antihistamine later to settle my nerves.

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I am examining all the facts.
Did you expect to be in the system with a non severe mental illness like OCD or depression?

People with severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder remain in the system.

It’s actually not surprising that you were kicked out.

I’m sorry though.


ok Good luck maybe if you still have benefits and you think you can find a better resource look for another resource…but I would not be on anti-depressants without someone making sure to check the symptoms that can be dangerous, especially withdrawing on your own. No one can do it all alone.


Have I ever denied having been diagnosed with sz? My ‘denial’ has nothing to do with their decision. And severe ocd is a severe mental illness by the way. The WHO ranks it among the top ten most disabling illnesses of any kind. Talk is certainly cheap.

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Yes it does unfortunately

If I decided I didnt want to take the recommended medication, and quit seeing the psychiatrist I would be taken out of their system and it would probably take a few months to see another doc. its not a luxury its a necessity and I wouldnt play games with your health like that. I do think its more of your responsibility to follow up if you can because the doctors cant treat you if you dont follow up with them…and it can get worse over time the more episodes you have the harder it can be to treat after it is worse…

each episode is like a trauma or shock and it takes time to heal…

They don’t give a rat’s arsse about whether I’m happy with the diagnosis or not. You really are missing the point this time.

Of course, but I’ve always been clear that I wanted to see a psychiatrist and even a psychologist given a chance. I only stopped taking APs under their supervision.

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hmm ok well in the meantime while you sort through this you seem to know what you need to do I am looking into Sarcosine to add to what Im taking and if its a life-changer I will ask my psychiatrist to decrease my injection. I dont think it should be such an issue not sure what your situation is. My pdoc is pretty empathetic and responsible.

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I have been denied SSI three or four times plus the hearing. I dont know if ur in the US or UK I think UK right or its a different system. I have the same issue though, its like when I start to do a little better people assume there is nothing wrong with me at all. My psychiatrist is good, but the people at SSI weren’t doctors but gov. people who look for reasons to deny people assistance. where-as a doctor is looking for reasons to improve a situation and life.


This also is seen as a problem in the world of psychiatry.
Especially if you had a SZ diagnosis.

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