I have been rejected by Assertive Outreach Team

On a technicality. You have to have been admitted inpatient in the last 12 months

They even asked me to go to hospital just to get their support

The answer was a firm no

I am moving on from the mental health team

Our relationship is not a good one, and we do not work well together

Going to allow the dice to fall where it does on this new med and stay with that

Luckily so far minimal side effects, with only a few manageable breakthrough symptoms

Some people have no access to these services, and I am one of them from today


That’s really too bad.


Too bad about the decision, but good to hear the meds are working ok so far.


that’s a shame joker… wish you well with the new medication


Thanks for your comments

I was expecting this outcome anyway

Suggesting I go inpatient to tick a criteria is nuts


Ain’t that the truth.


I have been denied a community based service because I have not been inpatient in the last 12 months

Why was I even referred if that was a criteria?

All year I have resisted going into hospital, and I was on the bed list for a few days, but they couldn’t facilitate that either - so I had the home treatment team

It’s a real mess

I think it’s best to distance myself from the system, as it just seems to be broken, and I don’t need the stress of all these promises that never get fulfilled.

They have made me feel like a malingerer

Don’t need that. I need to take responsibility and get on with making the job work


I am relatively certain that the criteria exist to filter out as many people as possible to avoid delivering services. Rationing. The dark side of public health care.


I have always told them that their help is a pillar I rely on to work.

But, they don’t have the resources in money or people to help any further

Seeing the current team is off the cards

I do not see the point in them wasting theirs and my time coming round every few weeks to check on risk

Ah that word ‘risk’. Seems they’re more interested these days in that rather than support

Before Covid, it was better. Not perfect, but better. Something needs to be done about it, but no one seems to care enough

Maybe I need to stop kidding myself and accept that I need to survive without the intensive support I used to get


I think the health care systems in both our countries were strained to capacity pre-pandemic. Then they were pushed well beyond their limits and broken. I’m worried we’re seeing the start of ours falling apart in Canada.


Sorry to hear that’s happening.

I hope you can keep up your checks etc, as you need them for the ticker


More here:

The waiting list for a family physician in my town is now over two years. It is expected to grow beyond three soon as another doctor is leaving. People try to go to walk-in clinics in the nearby city but they are lined up before they open and you can’t see a doctor there unless you spend hours with sick people who will likely infect you with something. That means most go to the ER for things like having scrips refilled. Or for the flu.

The ERs are overwhelmed. We also have hospitals clogged with seniors who should be in long-term care but we are short LTC beds so they’re stuck in the hospital. That means people are stuck in the ER for days trying to get a bed. Since the ERs are clogged people wind up being seen in the waiting rooms or just leaving. Not good when the pain you came in with was cancer (why my photography BFF is terminal now).

It’s a crap show. Federal government talks about the importance of health care but won’t pony up needed cash for it. They seem to have lots of money to give to other countries, though.

I’m not bitter. Much.

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The last time I was hospitilized was in January 2020. Awful experience for me and everyone there. I couldnt even leave my room I was so afraid of everyone there.

My health has managed to deteriorate even further. Its funny how im silently hoping things get better when in reality they just get worse. Fun fun fun.

But yeah ive been to the hospital too many times to count this year on account of my current meds not working and them not know what they are doing either. Its like playing russian roullete. “Lets try this random med i googled!” Just for it to not work and end up there again.

I know i am a liability and do not fit their category of “fit for experimentation” type style they seem to choose people for admission by and it sucks.

You are lucky though that you are something that works, id take that and run with it.

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Sorry to hear that :frowning: I have known 4 people in my family and ex work colleagues who got late dx’s for cancer

3 are dead now, and 1 has 6 months left :frowning:

One of those left his 9 year old daughter behind

I don’t understand why here that taxation is breaking record highs, yet they can’t seem to fund anything that functions

Is the tax regime high in Canada to at the moment?

I don’t know why if they have this money and can borrow without the threats placed on people that they can’t make programs work

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It’s not fully working yet, but there is room to go up

This year I have avoided hospital because I hate them

Been experimented on by 5 meds this year

None of them have worked properly, and I have lost hope.

But at least this Vraylar stuff doesn’t seem to have bags of side effects (Yet)


Sort of same thing here. Tried abilify injection 2 months, by the end of it i was so angry i deatroyed my $1,000.00 gaming laptop. Then risperidone and paliperidone couldnt sleep on those. Then seroquel that i threw away cause was mad they put me on such a low dose (50-100mg).

We are just lab rats to them, you’d think they could at least be a little better at their jobs to get people on the right meds

How did you come across that one if you dont mind me asking? Did you research it yourself?

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It was recommended by the pharmacist at the mental health trust

Brand new here In The UK

I have tried this year Clozapine, Amisulpride, Lurasidone, Flupentixol and now Vraylar

We are lab rats


Some people have treatment resistant schizophrenia. In that case none of the meds ‘work’ but you do carry the diagnosis.


I have lived with this since 2004

Think my medical history speaks for itself.

You don’t have access to these records, and are not qualified to even question what my doctors say

Your comment is very unhelpful

It took me long enough to accept this illness

And trying to lead people to doubt their treatment is unethical in itself.



Not really the point I was making. If none of the meds work, why you insist on being on them? You’d be better off not being on heavy-duty meds like an anti-psychotic.

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