I'm back for another round of brain damage

I’m getting a neuro psyche evaluation. I don’t know why I’m getting it. My sisters just want it because the are my Power on attorney and personal directive. They just want to know what to do with me. Everytime I’m sevely impaired I call and complain that it hard to work and function. And they don’t believe me that its real. So I’m paying close to a thousand dollars Canadian to settle this. I don’t know if this is a good idea but I’m doing it I don’t see how they can tell anything about the different damage and impairment in my brain. When I feel the damage I understand what it is that I cannot do. some damage I have seems to show itself again and again.then it hides it hides but it’s terrible. Damn relapse. I hate it too because it not like I can just tell someone at work or in my apartment building or whoever I may encounter that I have brain damage. Any when I have it I can’t talk anyway. It’s pretty bad

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I’m eating dried strawberries. Brain damage sucks. I’m basically screwed. I need my injection reduced or else. Looking forward to dementia too. Just though I would share. There’s got to be someone on here that has some damage. You can’t even describe it you just feel it. Its really fun. Know what I mean?

Well. Nobody wants to touch brain damage eh? That’s alright. I understand. Lol. I’m trying to get better anyways. Can it get better. That is the question.

I’m sorry this is happening to you @Garbled, surely a diagnosis from a certified Psychiatrist would be enough for them to believe you have a problem?

I wish you luck!

I’m sorry, but I don’t remember how your brain was damaged. What happened?

It was damaged from severe psychosis believe it or not. I was also deemed incompetent. Psychosis relapsing for a year bad will do that. But in was a few years of psychosis leading up to a six month stay in the hospital when they declared me incompetent. Fun eh?

The only way out is to show that you are competent again. What do you need to do so that happens?

I think it weird that incompetent people don’t know how to become aware of understand their circumstances. Their just incompetent. I have a hard time. Because of the damage. I hate my situation. But I still handle all my own buisness. I just do have good thinking abilities and awareness. It’s damage. So until I can heal that. I may as well let the government call me incompetent

Sorry I should spell better

Did a physician agree with you that you’re brain damaged?

That’s why I’m getting a neuro psyche test. Nobody believes I have damage. Except my friend. He does know but he accepts what I tell him. He did agree with me once that I don’t have much of a brain when I was havi g competency issues with him

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Sorry bad spelling

No one can tell.

Except work seems to know there’s something wrong with me

I think getting that evaluation is a great idea. Good luck!


I guess so. Thanks for listening. Lol

Not for me. I was pretty messed up for the first years of SZ and came back from them.

I’m 46. This last relapse was all time legendary. So of course I have some damage. It’s gonna be hard to get better from here. But who knows. If I reduce it might help

You heald completely?

I’m 53 now.

I don’t know if mine were legendary, but I do remember not even being able to toilet myself properly.

No. I have ongoing positive and negative symptoms (negs especially), but I function and live a productive life in spite of them.