I'm back for another round of brain damage

I don’t know how you live with that. I have no symptoms. If I had symptoms I would be really really really bad lol. I heals some psychotic damage but some of this stuff is just too bad. I feel it now. I hate calling myself incompetent though. The government is cruel

Sorry talking about myself.

The positive symptoms are no big deal. The negatives are tough, but can be pushed past.

You’re on here whenever I come back. That’s cool.

that’s the treatment friends and family give,
justification, they think
and better once you approach it.

I think my sisters enjoy actually enjoy this a little they know that I don’t want to be deemed incompetent yet they know that im incapable of figuring it out. I hate these feelings.they must know that I’m incompetent. Idk. Why don’t I know this? Because I am I guess. This situation is hell

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Anyway. It hurts Damage huts

well, if my son with Down syndrome is okay just the way he is,
then I’m okay too! kinda always figured that’s who we are.

Wow. I don’t know what to say. I’m not okay with this. But you son seems interesting to me

Sorry if that was personal

happy-go-lucky. he’s great. always has been.

I sold my dusional schizophrenic battle jacket that I plastered with patches to a young down syndrome boy. Never met him though. I hope he likes it

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that’s awesome.
there’s a day sometime in the year for Down syndrome,
mis-matched socks.
well fk, I do it every day! ha.
one day at school my son went with mis-matched shoes.
it was a big hit!

Sounds fun. He would probably put me to shame. I’m always so glum frustrated and disabled. It would do me good to be in his presence

it’s rare to have a man in his life, just his gpa.
all the care workers are females.

and I’ve always been a single mom.

Lol I’m running out of things to say daze. Issues

it’s okay, alright? it’s all gonna be okay.

Where’ dad?. Don’t tell me he skipped out on you?

I hope so. I gotta do something. It’s not alrightlol