I'm an unhappy life

Finding words to express myself is important to me now. I am not dead but neither am I happy. So I find it helpful to call myself an unhappy life.


I try to appreciate my life as it is
My life is very lacking in normal happy things
But now I’m not suffering as much so I have put my tree :evergreen_tree: up
And try to appreciate the things I do have and hope for better

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Oh, my description of myself is nothing static. I intend to move on my explanation.

Hehdon’t be down God loves you!:innocent::innocent:All is not lost, you have thanksgiving Xmas and new year’s eve
to look forward to!And as always your birthday! Call support @AndrewGolightly.com (all lower case)
He’s a psychiatrist who will give you a kind words. I always talk to him he’s really nice.Happy Thanksgiving
and happy holidays!

Were you ever happy? What was different?

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I was happy and secure in college but blind to its temporariness. I was not a happy child nor was I happy after graduation.

Can you pinpoint what was helpful that was happening in college when you were happy? Friends, routine, academically challenged, away from home, lots of change?

I’ve threatened all my voicesl. Get happy or go ■■■■ that truck .give something for Duane to laugh about

Chihuahuas love pervert windows.

All that you mentioned and no money worries since Dad paid all the bills. The whole experience had me spoiled.

I’m glad you had that time. Are there any changes you can make in life now or is it all too hard?

I’m still adjusting to the changes I’ve already made. I moved in with people after almost my entire adulthood was spent alone, I’ve quit smoking, I’ve got my weight under control, I’ve taken up reading as a hobby. Money seems to be an inherited nightmare even though I’m not in any immediate danger, I worry about it. I also worry about driving and asking favors of people.

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Those are some great steps quitting smoking and reading and getting weight under control and everything, you should be proud of yourself! I worry about money too, but what can you do?

Wow! You’re amazing! Great job!

@FlyingPurplePeopleMeeter and @mistery, I risk getting called a goody-goody.

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Nah just good steps

I am glad I am not dead, but I am also not happy these days. I hope I will feel better soon.

I can’t take all the credit. I live in an AFC home and my provider is a big help. I was the last one in the house to quit smoking (3 years ago ) and she cooks vegan for me which I’m convince is what stabilized my weight. I can thank my sister for getting me back to reading. She introduced me to Anne Lamott, a successful writer who got me interested in other books, and so on.

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That’s super cool! What is an AFC home?

Adult Foster Care.

Oh ok. It’s great you have a home.