Im a typical antipsychotic person

Typicals work the best for me. I had good years on Invega, but in the end i relapsed and gained 100lbs on it. Tried quetiapine and is not for me. Any atypical that has a histamine binding is not for me and causes restless legs and im too tired to get out of bed. Typicals usually cause people tardive dyskinesia or as known stiff muscles or twitching. I am on haloperidol and had gone up to maximum dose without anti parkinsons agents. Actually i have no tremor at all on haloperidol and had tremor on Invega. Anyone else is better on typicals?


My very first AP was a typical, Navane.
I was an absolute zombie on it but I’m pretty sure that I was on a high dose.
I had zero emotions on it and I had EPS.
My left hand would curl up backwards.

Those were wasted years.

Haldol on the other hand works wonders for me.

I asked to be on it but my current doctor is not a big fan of it.
She’s concerned about the high TD rates with this drug.

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Lol I thought you meant you’re a typical AP. I was going to say thats a new delusion. One user claimed to be a light bulb and another claimed to be a door knob before.


Ahem. I think you’re an exceptional person.

So there.


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I’m doing better on the Haldol shot


I’m doing so much better on the typical antipsychotics without add on antipsychotic pills.
So now I’m on depot without others pills than the anti parkinson pill bipertine.
When I decided to add on two atypical types of antipsychotic pills I thought that they would help the negative. But when I look back I realizes that they actually worsened them.


I’m glad you found what works for you @columbus

I thought the subject line was funny “I’m a typical antipsychotic person” because the typical person isn’t on APs.

Sorry if you don’t think its funny though.

You see monotheraphy leds to a lot less side effects compared to polypharmcology.