Who here likes the typicals?

I have benefited immensely from depixol. It reached areas the atypicals couldn’t. Anyone else like a typical?

Yep, just about all of them, especially the one I am now - Haldol. Never been on a better medication for psychosis.

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I’m on generic prolixin…can’t praise that med enough…(fluphenazine)

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On the basis of observing many sz pts in and out of hospital settings, I have seen many who did really well on typicals once they adjusted to them. BUT… I have seen many others who just couldn’t get there because of the sfx. It appears to come down to the genetics and epigenetics of each individual pt.

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I agree. The typicals can be terrible. I had such a bad time with haloperidol. Loads of EPS. But as seen above haldol can be incredible for some folk.

I am fine on .5mg haldol. Don’t like it at higher doses, but I generally don’t like APs so less is more for me. Even if it means some positive symptoms.

Generic Navane has been problem free for me once I became acclimated to the side effects. I’ve been on it for 43 years… I have only needed a low dose.


I find it incredible that anyone would like any of the typicals. I was on Haldol decoate for about seven years, and those were the bleakest years of my life. I’m stable on Geodon and Seroquel now. My symptoms are under control, and I’m feeling fine.

It’s hearing things like that, that gives me hope. Thanks.


I only take .5mg so…

I’m on a typical and an atypical. Since I recently had the dose of the typical adjusted I don’t know how well it works.