I'm a mommy


I became a mommy today cause I bought two mini hamsters. I just got home with them. They hated the ride home in a box. I made their cage ready and put them in with an opened box but they didn’t want to come out …they went to sleep in the box . Apparently hamsters sleep during the day. One of them is more active and came out for a second to check out the food bowl. They are so cute adorable. …and I don’t feel lonely anymore.


I was gonna say. Didn’t know u were pregnant. Show us pictures when you can!!


In that case i was a dad once, i gave my 2 hamsters to an orphanage. congratulations. Hamsters are so much fun.


Awww! They sound so cute! Show us pictures!


Congratulations! I had a hamster once. He was an escape artist. Kept getting out of his cage. We didn’t jive though so ended up giving him to a friend. They got along much better.


Pictures please!! I had two teddy bear hamsters when I was in my 20s and I still miss them.

Congratulations to the new mommy! :smiley:


I got a hamster for the kids when they were little. He got sticky so I gave him a bath. Apparently you don’t get hamster’s wet or it kills them. I’m a little tiny hamster murderer. I felt so bad. The kids still don’t trust me with small animals.


That’s awesome! They’ll get to know you soon and won’t be so afraid anymore :slight_smile:



Wow they look cute what are their names??


I posted one pic. I made a video of Lisanna on a treadmill but I couldn’t upload it.


I posted one pic.


They are both called Lisanna. They are very smart dwarf hamsters. I’m thinking it’s nice to have two sane roommates. They really are smart.


Pets won’t change a companionship of a human for me, hope it does 4 you


It’s cause you never tell in love with a pet. Some pets are really special. I never had a pet and I couldn’t understand why people have pets. But if you fall in love with a pet everything changes.


I had hamsters few years ago and now I have a dog. I love animals.


Awww! They are adorable!


Very nice @Kerli


Absolutely precious! Enjoy them!


Congratulations Mommy! They are adorable. I had hamsters once. They are very active at night. Thanks for the pictures.