Got a hamster

me and my girlfriend adopted a hamster last month, his name is Gerald. We call him Baby- G though too :smile: Hes a young syrian hamster. hes got a big cage with a wheel, and tunnels, and a deep burrow for him to live in :blush:

I wanted to get a hamster cuz there easy to take care of and pretty independant. keeps me company when i work on the computer or watch tv too :slight_smile:

and many times i dont feel like taking care of myself. but i now have more of a sense of responsibility to take care of this little guy, so that ends up giving me motivation for self care for myself too


Heres his house , hes in his burrow far bottom right

Heres me enticing him out of his burrow with a piece of tasty spinach :smile:


Having a pet is all the therapy I need.

I have a girl cat called Charlie. She is the bomb! Smart as a whip and keeps me endlessly entertained and gives me cuddles!

It’s good to have something outside yourself to look after!


I have a little orange tabby. He sleeps with my all the time and if I sleep in too long, he lets me know in no uncertain terms that he needs his breakfast. Pets rule!


I hope your hamster brings u joy


thanks , he does :blush:

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What colour is the hampster

like a beige , white color

Sounds cute… I used to have a hamster and I let him run around my room but I accidently stood on him and he died

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yep. you should be careful as you are much bigger than a hamster. hope you enjoyed your time with him before that.

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it looks like a rat

nope hes a hammy :blush:

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That is so cute :smile:

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Nice photos, he is very kind and peaceful. :slight_smile:


I pictured you as more of a turtle kind of guy for some reason.


Now he’s in hamster heaven and paces around muttering under his breath, β€œI’m going to get that guy somehow. Vengeance will be mine.”

He’s so cute :sob:


He’s adorable! My first pet was a hamster!


@anon31257746. You could start posting cute photos of Baby-G in miniature habitats.


@anon31257746 I’m happy for you :blush:.

I had a pet hamster when I was a kid. I thought it was the coolest thing ever haha!


:joy::joy::joy: ok i will see what we can come up with :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

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