I'm a huge burden by existing

The longer I’m alive the longer I burden my parents with medical expenses, tuition, meal fees, etc.

My brother is enough.


I doubt your parents see you that way. I bet they are just happy to have you alive and well.


We all burden our parents. But its a burden of love and good parents take it on happily because they simply enjoy taking care of their kids. Youll do the same for yours one day anyway, its a cycle


Do you have a therapist? You could really use one. A good one.

I have tried.

But my mom will get frustrated if I don’t improve.

…and it’s expensive.

I have no choice but to suffer in silence.

She’ll probably not like it if I get shi*ty grades or fail on a test…all of the money wasted will go in the bin, all for nothing

I should have never been born

Have you ever sat your mom down and told her how you’re feeling and what you’re afraid of?

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You could sit down with your parents and talk about the way you feel.
If it’s the expenses, you could find a way to earn income and contribute to the household finances.
This might help with the way you feel; especially if your suicidal.

I think there are numbers like the national suicide prevention lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (United States of America)

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You’ve been suffering these thoughts for a really long time now…

You must challenge these destructive circles you get into… and I echo what others have said…

Sharing a slice of my own past I did an experiment, (at home), a sort of movie reference to Good Will Hunting (where Matt Damon’s character finally sheds his armor and starts weeping very much so to the sound of hearing on repeat:

‘It’s not your fault…’.

So I said to my folks:

I just want to hear from you that it’s not my fault.

(Happened approximately 3 years back I would say… and well). All I’ll say about my findings is that maybe I should try again…

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Ya. same here…I try to help out but rather just sit in my room at the computer playing video games…

She said I’m not a burden but she continues to tell me how stressed the house is because of me. I don’t know what to make of her statement as a result.

I hope you feel better. You will get through it.

You’re not a burden to your parents … I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. Hugs

I would say that to her. Tell her you don’t understand and that you don’t want to stress anyone out. Ask her how you can cause less stress


You have worth and your presence improves the world. Please don’t ever think otherwise.



I don’t even know at this point. I feel like my parents would be so much better off if they didn’t have me. My symptoms are creating significant stress for my mother because she keeps saying “why are my kids like this when other kids aren’t like this?”

I just want her to have a better life. I don’t want to do this to my beautiful mother.

I feel like a burden too.
My folks don’t complain,
but i can feel it.
Or maybe it’s my insecurities talking

I can feel it too. I beat myself up with a stick today but I did it lightly so that my mom wouldn’t notice.

idk it made me feel a little bit better now…

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Aren’t you essentially reinforcing trauma onto your self, by hurting yourself?

I don’t know how I can release the pain. I have so much chest pain to the point that I can’t deal with.

I’m so stressed out but if I express my symptoms my mom will be more stressed.