I'm a bit troubled by my narcissism

Judging from my social background, I’m not surprised that I’m a narcissist. Just disappointed.


“We can’t be friends.” was my feeling toward people all too often.

In which way are you a narcissist?

I used to get a thrill out of looking in a mirror. So, sexually, I’m a narcissist. Socially, I’m only beginning to have positive feelings for others. I usually keep to myself.

I dunno. My brother says we got some positive narcissism from our Pop. We look at it this way: whatever it is, we can get it to start once again. What ever it is, we can get it from part A to part B. Whatever it is, we can get it done.

I make a distinction between narcissism and believing in yourself. I don’t think narcissists truly believe in themselves.

I never really understand the word narcissm. Every time I look it up and read about it I forget…

But I think they treat others badly isn’t it.

Are psychopaths/sociopaths narcisstic?

Honestly idk the difference, I read that Hitler was narcisstic.

They aren’t sexually motivated to be nice to others. Their significant other is a mirror.

I don’t understand… What are you saying about mirrors.

A narcissist is attracted to himself so his image in the mirror is of great interest and excitement.

Oh I did not know that makes one a narcissist. Seems pretty harmless to like how one looks. No?

Or maybe we are meant to be unassuming about our looks. Life is so complicated…

Have you never been excited by another? If you have been, just think of that excitement happening when you look in a mirror. That’s narcissism. It’s very immature.

Interesting… Idk how to continue this conversation lol. I hit a mind block.

Hope you feel better about others with time though.

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I’ve never fancied myself if that’s what you mean.?

By the mirror.

I mean the literal, physical mirror. Are you reading to much into this? A narcissist gets a physical thrill out of looking in a mirror. Do you understand that?

No I don’t understand

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Humanity lurks, this man is he or her, is a greedy thing. People are bound to be put before and built by what they are. Narcissism, sadism, masochism and all other personal -isms are eventual. No one is perfect. Sometimes you’ll feel dread at this. Like god forgot to hold you when you dropped out of the womb. But you were the one who climbed out at the end of the day and that is its own beauty.

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