If You Smoke, You Are a Bad Person?

Is this is what it’s come to in this campaign of hate against smokers?..

I was minding my own business having a puff outside a Mall…not near any doorways. A young girl, I’d give her 17, walked by and kicked snow at me while fake coughing really loud!

I work, I’m a Dad and I like to think a generally productive member of society. But this brainwashed kid actually thought I was evil for having a cigarette outside!!

What’s next? Are we going to go up to fat people in restaurants and start taunting them for eating?? Heart disease IS the number one cause of death these days.


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these people are priceless. cheer me up every time.

Cigarettes certainly are unhealthy, but it is your individual choice to smoke them. I would not consider you evil for smoking and I find her actions to be inappropriate. Anyways have a good day and take it easy


The cigarette is my best girlfriend i had ups and downs with her. I go with the cigarette wherever it takes me.

…and I bet every study ever done shows that smoking has a calming effect on schizophrenics.

But ‘the powers that be’ would never admit to it or release results in favour of tobacco…too taboo to do such a thing.

Yes there are results of nicotine being beneficial to schizophrenic people, but the toxins in cigarettes are harmful.

It just makes me shake my head. The same people who mock me for smoking let their pets $hit all over the City without picking up after them. In the Spring, the air in every township for miles smells like dog crap.

But these are the holier-than-thou types…do as I say, not as I do.

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Since you were smoking outside, and not affecting anyone but yourself, that girl had no right to react in any way. I grew up with a mom who smoked and she was very unconcerned about smoke reaching other people or about her cigarettes being put out in the sand at the beach or the gutter or street…that was her generation so I blame her less than I would blame someone now because we have more information. The difference between your smoking and an obese person eating a double bacon cheeseburger is that your second-hand smoke can affect other people, whereas there is no such thing as second-hand fat. I want smokers to be considerate and aware. It sounds like you are.

Second-hand fat costs me in taxes to support all of these heart-diseased patients in our Hospitals.

Does this give me the right to mock an obese person for eating a french fry in public?

No. We all pay taxes, but we don’t all have to breathe foul air. My mom died of lung cancer. Long and horrifying death, so I really really hate the smell of cigarette smoke. It’s not always s self-righteous thing. Plus, if I get lung cancer after breathing her second-hand smoke I’m gonna go ahead and blame her. But, it sounds like you’re careful and considerate. What more can you do? Not being able to control the actions of others, you can only do what you know to be right. (Nicotine is helpful to people with sz. That is widely known and published.)

I encounter a lot of aggression out there in the world.



Smoking has negative effects on personality.basically you are not getting optimistic while you are smoking

Smoking helps me coping when i am not tasking. Once i am involved in a task i don’t think of smoking at all…But as soon i get bored i light up. I can’t cope with the emptiness within myself. The cigarette helps me to overcome the breaks of doing nothing with my thoughts. Wish i could meditate more and just breath. Sounds like cheap hobby anyway. Only problem i have to guide myself.

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I am on day two of stopping smoking and I am so happy. I am using nicotine gum to help with cravings.

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I wish i would feel happy too quit smoking.But never give up trying. I delay as much as i can. Maybe quitting is the step out of insanity. I would stop fooling myself maybe with all that quitting business.

What keeps me “quit” is that I remember how badly I feel when I smoke. I wheeze, I cough, I gag. I have no control over how many I smoke in a day. I love my non smoking life. I pray I stay strong.


I would’ve kicked snow back at her despite I’m almost 30 and told her to mind her own god damned business, but that’s just me. It’s like people are trying to tell me to go to rehab because they won’t listen to me that I only rarely drink right now and I told some of them to ■■■■ off and come back when they’re ready to actually listen to what I’m saying.

And smoking is one of the leading causes


Shots fired. :no_mouth: lol


Nothing fired, it just looked like Patrick wasn’t aware. Cardiovascular disease is a huge threat to schizophrenics, and smoking is one of the leading causes of that.

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