If You Smoke, You Are a Bad Person?

It would help if we weren’t naturally drawn to nicotine because I’ve heard it shows signs of improving cognitive problems in schizophrenia a fair amount. I wouldn’t personally know though because I never got into smoking due to things like my mom I think thought it would be funny if she had me try to smoke a cigarette when I was a toddler (I clearly remember her laughing her ass off at me when) I choked really bad from it and never wanted one again and then I had asthma that I luckily grew out of but I have some kind of lung problem now where I have congestion at any given time where one time recently I barely even coughed and a huge blob of phlegm shot all over my keyboard which was really considerate of my respiratory system to give me such a lovely gift. :wink:

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I used to be really self-righteous against smokers. I had just lost my grandpa and father to lung cancer within a week, and my grandma followed a couple months later. The stress made my mom have a mental breakdown and I was left to raise my siblings and try to get my mom help. So any time I saw someone smoking, it sparked an anger that I couldn’t admit was actually directed at them for leaving me to clean up the mess they left behind. I have since learned to deal with my issues, and while I still don’t like smoking, I tolerate it. You never know what that stuck-up teenager was thinking or going through when she reacted that way. Teenagers don’t generally have the best coping skills.

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To be clear, I’m not suggesting that my behavior was in any way acceptable. It just happened for a reason.

A girl that old should know better. Little kids can be obnoxious in that way, but they are just playing out what they’ve been told. Just remember there is such a thing as karma. That girl will get hers.

Kids are bad people bro. lol. I can’t count the Times children have been offensive . Lol.

I hate how we feel the need by default to explain we’re not trying to make excuses for things like that when we give an explanation because I guess it’s just human nature when something good to us is explained why it happened it’s just an explanation but when something bad that happened to us is explained then it’s an excuse.

I personally want to try to understand why anything happens if I can whether the Christian church down the block considers it good or evil because I guess I’m not afraid like everyone else that morals I believed that I’m so attached to might be shown to be stupid in the grand scheme of things.

To be honest I hate the smell of cigarettes or weed. It just stinks. But hey to each there own.
Smoke away hosay :slight_smile:

@Patrick, with your sense of humor, surely you found it a bit funny.

I guess it depends whether or not you’re on fire.



I used to think it was bad but most of the people I met that smoked we’re more personable than some of the people that didn’t. Besides I don’t know why the person who doesn’t smoke would care unless they have some kind of lung disease? I know there’s plenty of research to show that second hand smoke isn’t dangerous. When I was younger I used to like that smell too (kind of).

If they’re eating a double cheeseburger every day their probably taking their kids with them to the restaurant.

I still don’t want to breathe smoke. Can we all take responsibility for our own actions? If someone else is doing something inconsiderate or unhealthy or whatever, that doesn’t give me an excuse to do my own version.

When cigarettes are so outrageous bad. Why does the law allow me to smoke. When I started in the 80s it wasn’t an issue. Its addictive like heroin. I would love to stop but i just can’t for 3 hours. Is it a lack of self-discipline or self control. The medication turn these values into jelly. But i like to say when my life is a brickwall and i got only 3 or 4 pathetic bricks i am good cause the other 996 are good bricks.

This is Canada. Wanna bet that airhead thinks pot should be legalized? I personally think 17-year-olds are evil.


I just can’t stand the smell of smoke. All my runner freinds agree. I can smell it from a mile away and it make me want to throw up

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you. C smokes and it nearly drove me nuts, but I’ve gotten used to it. I was just pointing out (though I will definitely agree needlessly) that isn’t really an apt metaphor.