If this is mania then it's not fun

It feels horrendously ■■■■

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Why? What are you experiencing?

I can’t control my thoughts I’m so tired. :frowning: constantly thinking anxious and as you know obsessed with dating

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I’m sorry to hear that ish. You’ve had a rubbish time with doctors too, you even went private. Nobody can accuse you of not trying to get better. You’re trying your best.

We’re at the mercy of our meds though, so if the ones you’re on aren’t working, then all you can do is (yet again) explain the symptoms to your doctor and hope they have a plan b. Or go private again. There’s always a plan b.

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I get that all the time, obsessed with thoughts, can be good if it’s something you like often its nothing you normally do, can be bad to

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Hey ish, I know the feeling, my mania usually isn’t all that pleasant also… Hope you feel better soon.

(Search for a therapist though!)


The mental health nurse over the phone "you sound fine "


But how do you feel?

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■■■■ absolutely ■■■■ and everything looks so dull and no one likes me and want anything to do with me a whore and a ■■■■ whose desperate.

Oh honey, the guys in dating apps shouldn’t be your sources… Everyone likes you, you’re very likeable. You’re a good person going through a rough patch. Don’t listen to those idiots.

And you’re not a whore!!!

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Wondering on rapid cycling. Whens your next apt? Can you make an apt to see your pdoc asap?

From what I’ve read from some of your posts you are calling yourself a whore over having sex a couple of times. That is not a whore. If you’ve been with like 100 guys I can see that but in one of your posts a guy didn’t like that you slept with one other guy. That is not a whore

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you can tell mania because your skin will feel really temperatured as if you were angry or mad

Ideally you wouldn’t sleep with anyone until marriage. I am not judging though, and I am not married and had 10 sexual partners myself. But that’s what I am going to tell my Goddaughter though…not to sleep with guys until marriage