I'd rather look at a snake than a worm

Fear of snakes isn’t high on my list. Worms are so naked and vulnerable.

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An interesting aside to your always interesting posts!

We have more snakes over here who’ll give you hurt than most countries but I don’t live where the mostly bad snakes are…on worms however!..

Doing a cricket pitch you need a good, high clay blacksoil. It’s like full of nutrients and it makes the grass grow but it’s high in clay so it bakes hard under the sun. With that in mind the bloody worms are a problem. They reach the surface and poop out all that blacksoil. It is something you need to clean up as they leave this little bit of worm shite on the surface of the wicket. It’s a pain to collect and it marks the wicket and looks terrible.

@chordy! You are so right in so many ways…don’t miss the power of the worm!! Their poop adds so much to your soil…it’s great for the environment! It’s an mad pain to clean up though and that is my lot in life!


How do you clean in up? It’s a shame we can’t vacuum our lawns. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t like the way worms move I dunno why

I love snakes. I actually think they’re rather cute. I have a lot of respect for them. I like worms too but I didn’t know about the worm poo thing. That’s an interesting problem to have.

My sister had a pet snake. I didn’t want to go anywhere near it. My 9 year old daughter picked it up no problem

One of my dogs ate a snakes head about a week ago and started foaming at the mouth and throwing up. She spent all day at the vet. It wasn’t poisonous but she had an allergic reaction to it. Have to keep an eye on her in the yard.


I have the scariest bugs in my room.


Holy crap!!! That is scary!!!
Where do you live?

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Yea I saw that one in my bathroom and one crawl on my bed the other day.


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Hopefully they disappear now that it’s getting cold.

Wow. I live in West Virginia. I’ve never seen such a bug before

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It’s some kind of centipede but a hybrid. It looks like a baby predator.


@chordy . You have to scrape off the worm shite and it’s messy if it’s wet. It marks your wicket!

We do use a vacuum sometimes when we scarify the wicket. You cut into the grass to stop runners…it impacts on your cricket ball. So yes! we use vacuums on the wickets! True story! It picks up all the loose debris and stops it affecting your grass growth!

We have flying cockroaches here.

when my daughter was a toddler I had it set up that she could go out in our tiny back yard to play by herself safely. One day she kept going in and out while I was talking on the phone with my mom. Holly kept coming in and babbling about the big worm. Well I didn’t pay much attention because I was watering and every time I watered it brought out these huge night crawler worms to the surface. After about the 3rd time of her trying to get my attention to go see her worm I finally got off the phone with my mom and went outside. To my shock my little girl had caught herself a snake. I freaked out even though it was just a tiny garden snake it could’ve been a disaster. It taught me to listen better to my kid, that’s for sure.

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