I won't be going to the gym anymore... even after pademic

I feel uncomfortable at the gym, I am overweight with man boobs and I feel uncomfortable getting changed or showering. Also I hate eye contacts you get at the gym and there’s always one dude who comes to you and pretends to be a personal trainer. I also low on strength and endurance so I decided to workout at home. I have a bench and 2x30kg dumbbells that is perfect for training up almost every muscles


Man boobs are from the antipsychotics, high prolactin. I also have them after gaining 150lb since my diagnosis 8 years ago. Just ignore ppl or train home if you’re enough motivated and know that you will train as hard as at the gym.

Gynecomastia ? I’m sorry you feel uncomfortable… if you feel more comfortable working out at home then do what makes you feel more comfortable… you have to enjoy your exercise do what feels right

This was able to reach while working out at home… don’t know why people bother going.

And this is what I achieved after psychosis


Wow, you’re healthy, muscular and in shape. I am ashamed of posting pictures of myself because I am morbidly obese 280lb 172cm BMI 42 with a big belly. I was 130lb before my SZ.

The best way to get fitter is to go to the gym. If you don’t like your body it won’t get better at home.

That said I’ve never successfully set foot in a gym! But honestly if you want to look better make sure you work at it. It won’t happen on its own.

I’m 207 lbs now which is obese somehow, I don’t look like bottom picture anymore because of the relapse I had, now I’m slowly building my body back into shape

I don’t see man boobs, that chest looks pretty flat.

Even if you did have em I think people are giving looks of jealousy. You buff man!

I think they have some pretty good fitness deals at Planet Fitness. If I joined that I would just go during the slack times when there weren’t a lot of people there.

My local gym costs 60$ a month… I would rather buy Samsung S20 with direct debit than pay someone to lift weights. I have enough equipment at home

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Yeah thats at least one thing that stops me signing up. The gyms near me charge a fortune. It might be alright for people with salaries but for me its insane.

Minimum wage in Lithuania is like 4$ an hour. So I would need 15 hours to pay to the gym that I can go there and lift…

i workout at home too. haven’t been to a gym in years. i got everything i need in dad’s basement/garage. i acquired it over the years.

When you are the master of yourself, you can do anything you put your mind towards.

I’m pretty skinny but I have some muscle tone. I too don’t feel comfortable in gyms. Theres to many big egos in gyms. I feel the same way, working out from home can target most of the muscle groups by just using a few pieces of equipment.

I do different exercises using just dumbbells and resistance bands and a door pull up bar.

I also am a firm believer in calisthenics.

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