I woke up crying

I had a dream that I was crying and that my husband just looked at me and told me to stop crying or get out… Lately he’s been saying such things… Idk what to do anymore… He’s all I got and a child on the way… I fear he’s gonna do the same thing with me that he did with his ex… The plan use to be the baby sleep in our room for a year or so but now he seems to want me to sleep in the baby’s room for a year instead of with him… I feel so confused…

That doesn’t sound healthy.
I guess what you have to decide is, are you willing to put your child through whatever it is he’s doing to you?
And if you guys are not happy together, are you willing to have your child grow up in an unhappy home?

If he’s not treating you right, and he’s being disrespectful, not understanding, and demanding that only you take care of the baby, which it seems like, then the best thing for you might be to discontinue it.

I know you say he’s all you have, but if I had to choose between an abusive relationship and no relationship, I know what I’d choose.
Being alone can be scary, and it’s an adjustment, but in the long run, it might be better for you.

Take care

He is all I have. My mother disowned me for getting pregnant and I disowned my dad for not taking his sz meds… My mother told me to never show my face at her home again… My brother wants to take my child from me… So he is all I have I moved closer to his family for more support and all I’ve gotten is his grandpa and dad saying to give up the child… I just don’t know anymore

Even if he is all you have, I stand by what I said. IT’s better to be in no relationship than an abusive one.

Abusers are great at making their partners think they’re nothing without them, that they can’t possible do it alone.

If his dad and grandpa are saying you should give up the child, they are either concerned for you and the kid’s wellbeing, or they are just as damaged as he is.

Either way, it doesn’t sound healthy, and it doesn’t sound like a healthy environment for a child to grow up in.

There is help to get, there are support groups and such. You don’t have to go through it alone even if you leave him.

@Twialine. Might be helpful to look into support groups for people with MI and or parenting or pregnancy groups so you can get more outside support.