I wish i was Jesus

if i was Jesus i’d bring peace and love and unity to the land.


I don’t think I’d like to be God, not that I’m turning down any offers mind you. But there are six billion people on this planet and I still feel alone. Imagine being One God. - 1985 movie Creator

i just think he is a really good role model, someone you could really look up too.

I am not really religious although I was brought up a Christian. People can interpret the story of Jesus in different ways. For me, the constant thing in the story of Jesus is that greed is the root of all the evil.

  1. King Herod was so power hungry and greedy that he was willing to slaughter any child who might be a threat to his control over ordinary people.

  2. One of the only times Jesus was angry was with merchants and buyers were operating inside the temple which he referred to as his house of prayer.

  3. Judas betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver.

The reason why I bring this up is for millennia later, man has murdered for gold, silver and land in his name when his teachings contradict their actions.

he is innocent!

the jesus is god, thing, isn’t that just a wild delusion? i mean, no god would accept a fate like his. no. no gods would.

Edit: Goddamit not directed at Del79

the trouble with God and Jesus and everything is Evil

God sent his Son into the world to teach us and die in our place for our sins. So that those that believe in him would have new life.

There would be downsides. Hang Gliding, for example. Your hands and feet would whistle.


thats what im sayin. he wasn’t (isn’t?) no god. dont care if you believe he was/is, though. wondering what ever happened to him though. was the second coming in the old testament?

i’m just back from a meeting and they were talking about Jonah,

its a very good story and i really want to read it to try and see if he had a mental illness,

i mean who would ask to be thrown overboard anyway?

being ate by a whale and surviving? nah-ah

idk the whole story but maybe he was given a second chance

well i just read it and i think he was a deeply troubled man haha, very deeply troubled

but most of it i didnt understand lol

why is this in the unusual beliefs?

i don’t think its that unusual

but then again i guess i go against the norm lol

I wish people on here wouldn’t talk about Jesus at all. All the cute jokes and everything is extremely depressing to me. I guess I just shouldn’t read these threads.

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its ok Jukebox, i think people just dont know any better thats all :slight_smile:

nah… it’s jukebox’ own fault… don’t read the threads, as you youself said… jesus is an interesting topic and to outlaw it would be insane

@BarkingDog you just want to argue. I didn’t say ban Jesus posts. If you are talking about Jesus it’s not a bad thing. It’s the cutting humor made at Christ that hurts me. “forgive them Father for they know not what they do”


most people on earth these days ‘know not what they do’ and i think thats the truth, they just ‘do without the knowing’ haha makes me laugh sometimes tbh in a sad way of course haha sorry not making much sense here lol