I think I know where "I'm god." comes from

It comes from someone angry because I’m not god.

Egos a funny thing and probably some truth in it.

It’s ironic though as when I was in that state I could barely tie my own shoes. Never mind be ruler of the Universe


if we are all gods children what makes jesus so special LOL

I’ve got nothing against God. Just that Jesus guy goes around like he’s gods gift to the world or something.


I am a God is something Kanye West would tells himself. He the best a loving himself. Better than me.

I used to have thoughts like “schizophrenia is the absence of the ego”…“so therefore we tell ourselves we are god to cope with the fact we have no ego as a defense mechanism”…“and the polarity causes chaos which causes voices and paranoia”

but i dont know nothin…that was just based on my own experiences

Good joke, lol. !! That’s exactly what he was, lol.

I understand the jesus syndrome thing. But believing one is God is pretty far fetched seeing as how limited we are to influence things.

Perhaps the only thing I could think of coming close is there are no other real people. Your perception is the only thing that is important and everything was created just so you could live your one singular life whether it is pleasant or not. You can still see it that way and be sane but if you take it seriously and make expectations as if you were in a dream you might get into trouble.

I was a jesus once. Was going to deliver the world from evil and establish the kingdom of heaven on earth etc. for me it is still technology and science that will save this world. Unravels the God concept… Undoing the jesus thing.

I don’t know I think most people pull out of that ■■■■ pretty quickly if they have any sense to them.