I thought i was jesus

i thought i was jesus?


You’re a jesus. That’s what they’d always tell me. It’s a pretty abstract thing to feel.

i’m half jewish and my name starts with j.

sometimes i think jim morrison or john lennon could’ve been jesus if they stayed alive.

I habe been thinking that i am Jesus for the last 22 years lol and they say that he is in all of us so go figure
Now i am thinking i am just me and i am also sz i don’t know really it boggles me.

The thing i guess is just to be as best as we can.

Actually i once saw a book with gold engraving entitled the collective messiahship so maybe we really are all Jesus and all messiahs.

Difficult taboo subject but hey better out than in lol.

I empathise with you though and wish you were so that i would be relieved of it lol

May peace prevail

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the tough part is that jesus of nazareth was most likely schizophrenic.

it’s like god’s way of testing us.

i know im going to heaven.

but life isnt that bad. one day at a time.

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I " thought " I was Jesus.

Thinking just doesn’t cut it. If one “thinks” that one is Jesus, then that means that there is a problem.
It becomes more of a belief, thus the truth is still absent.

I didn’t just think I was Jesus. I became jesus.

Actually Jesus took over my body and spoke through me yelling at my parents that this body is just a vessel for him.

I felt like I wasn’t even there my identity was 0

■■■■■■■ disturbing feeling

Then again, nothing really matters. It’s only life. Relax.

Yeshua or Joshua or josh… Jesuses.

I would have much rather became Yoda or Darth maul or even padme lol!

Can relate to that, horrible no
Good luck though

Lol your not Jesus bro your just a gentle hawk

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Nice one thanks i lke to be a gentle hawk lol

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It’s a good name I like it

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Cheers man or whouahman

Lol it is A man

I wonder if women get Jesus syndrome even though Jesus is a man

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All right man LOL good question though so is there any lady Jesus out there, no offences meant , this is a serious question though

Mind you i once met a lady that apparently was Buddha Shakyamuni reincarnation
Huh don’t know though

I thought I was half demon, in an anthropological archetypal psychological way. I also thought I was half angel.

I’m an atheist and have been so that should say something about my mental health at the time.