I wish I led the kind of life where I could be "into" photography

I USED to be into photography :grinning:. Out of curiosity I googled the latest and best cameras. Apparently this one is the best :

Including a decent lens it would probably come to $4,000 lol.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a lifestyle where you would have use for a camera like that. I don’t really even have any use for my phone’s camera…


you should, if you explore details in great detail, it is fun. :slight_smile:I think you would make a great photographer. And guess what? Make money out of it too.

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I’d support it bro!

I’d buy that for you right now if I could… @everprovidinghope… you’re a good lad!

Don’t destroy the dream. Photography is neat. It’s not about the subject matter… it’s about how you frame it! It’s art! I know you’ve got a mind for good appeal!

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The passion comes from the subject for me. One of my favorite series of pictures are of the Ford F250’s dashboard at night.
My iPhone has exactly 15,895 pictures on it at the moment. Some are my Cats, husband/family, but most are the things in my room, and my room. I like ‘document’ type photos of my things I collect, because after awhile, the photos are all I have left.
I’m a Canon fan, and my Canon S90 (Followed by the S95 & S100) is still my favorite. It can take a clear picture at night without using a flash.

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