Cameras for Photography (Poll)

Hi Guys, I’m on the look out for a good digital camera for photography, has anyone got any suggestions? how about a poll?

Are you a Photographer?

  • yes
  • no
  • would like to be

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My iPhone has enough camera power for my needs.

What they’re capable of these days is incredible

My cousin is majorly into it, and he has all the kit.

Seems like an expensive hobby!

Check out this site

I bought a nikon slr a few years ago. I’ve always had an SLR and thought I could get back into photography again. But it’s just gathering dust.

I do know that Most phone cameras isnt so Good.
I would go for a digital camera. Canon for example. The Ones you carry around is Used by real photographers but much harder to learn.

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yeah, i’m looking for something that is pretty good for a beginner and not too expensive. I think i might go to the shop tomorrow and ask an expert lol, my phone is rubbish bc the zoom is crap and all that, i saw one with a 50x zoom for £350 but idk anything about digital cameras lol

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Dear God, yes it is.

Depends on what you like to photograph and the conditions. A cell camera is good enough for most. If you want to go beyond cell phone limits, cha-ching! $$$ baby.

You’re going to get robbed, that’s how camera stores operate. Start with the camera you have (cell phone) and don’t upgrade until you hit a brick wall with what you can do using it. Feel free to bounce questions off me. I can save you some $$$.


My Samsung camera sucks.

I kinda have, i need a better zoom and the lighting is usually poor and i think i’d like to get out more and capture the beauty of the world, Not really weddings or anything although that sounds great, i like nature more.

I’m not sure what to get, I have no clue and i am afraid i’ll get conned if i buy off of used sites

If you wanna be more “proffessional” look up Photo tips on Youtube. Theres cool stuff.

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My iPhone SE camera is excellent.
All I need.

That makes sense. Please feel free to ask me publicly or privately for help with purchases if you like. I can tell you what’s reasonable and when someone is trying to hose you.

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I like the look of the canon or sony with a good zoom, not sure whether to get a flash

there is a site that sells low cost used cameras with a years warranty that looks like a good site for a good quality low budget camera but its still hard to know what to get. idk if i need just the body or if i’ll need a lens. there is a lot of jargon i just dont know lol

Hard to say without knowing the specific models. I’m a Canon user because I’m locked into their lens system at this point. The newer Nikons using the Sony sensors are very nice. The Sony sensors are kind of black magic with lower light, or at least that’s how it seems to me. Canon seems to be focusing on packing in more megapixels whereas Sony figured out that people want more dynamic range and low light shooting quality. Sony definitely has the better sensor right now.

If you’re buying a flash, it’s worth spending a bit extra to get one that works wirelessly off camera and that can be used with multiple other flashes. On camera flash pointed directly at a subject tends to be the most boring type.

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Nikkon and Cannon are the two best camera makers. Just get a DSLR from them in your budget. There is mirrorless cameras too, the technology has not quite caught up yet (getting close though), Sony would be a good option if you were going mirrorless.

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Erf. Minor quibble, but f2.0 is a wide aperture (opening in the lens), that is separate from having a wide-angle lens itself. 28mm SLR equivalent is considered wide-angle. Down to 12mm is VERY wide-angle (comes with rectilinear or fisheye distortion).

Got to play with a friend’s Fuji X-T30. Oh my gosh those dials on top, they’re fabulous. Image quality is also superlative. Darn close to a mirrored unit!


was in a professional photography shop today and it was very expensive (started at about a grand) :frowning: they have used cameras on their website but i thought i could get a decent budget camera for about £300 but idk,

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Get this. It is a base model nikkon. If not just look for something second hand on Ebay.

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wow thats pretty cool bc i was literally just looking at the same camera haha, i’m tempted i have to say

NIKON D3500 DSLR Camera with AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm f/3.5-5.6G Lens

Any thoughts about this guys?

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