I was proud of myself

I get a couple of free bags of groceries once a month from the food bank. They give staples and a really good variety of food, best food bank I’ve ever been to. It’s a good way to save money.
I’m doing OK with money these last few months and since there’s a lot of people not working because of the pandemic and more families struggling than usual my sister suggested I skip getting the groceries because other people might need them more than me.
Yesterday was the day to pick the food up and I was realy torn on whether to get the groceries or not. I went back and forth, I was reasoning that yeah, I have a little extra money now, but money tends to go really fast and as a schizophrenic, it doesn’t happen very often that I’m ahead of the game and may not happen again for a very long time. I was going to go there after work yesterday but I made the decision to skip it this month. And it made me feel a little good, I made the right decision.


I’m struggling when it comes to food… I’m barely scraping by on SSDI.

That was very thoughtful of you


Maybe check to see if you have a food bank near you. Churches sometimes have them. Or maybe go to your city’s website and see if your city lists a community food bank or call your case manager or even your therapist to see if they know of some kind of aid with food.

Well, it all depends who got them in your stead. Maybe it was someone who really needed that food, or maybe just a fraud.

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You could always ask at the food bank if they are having a new problem of not having enough. If not, then go ahead and take what you usually do.


Thoughtful n sweet of you but you are entitled to go and could have a bit extra perhaps if you do.

I recently got vegan ready meals from a local church organisation.
It cost just $10 for two portions and $10 delivery.
I got vegan bolognese , vegan lasagne and vegan korma.

There is also a pantry I have been to but not been there in almost two months.
I also thought I can afford to buy at the normal shop.
At the pantry you give $5 and get a bag of food .
Even though I can afford the normal shop it’s helpful to go to the pantry.
Maybe I should start going again.

I’m loving the ready meals.
Hope they stay open and that it’s not just temporary because of covid19.

I understand as I have thought the same as you but I think I will go back to the pantry soon.:slightly_smiling_face::two_hearts:

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Your a kind man @77nick77 and it’s a very nice gesture. I’m sure they’ll help out others in these trying times.


i’m all for scoring points with the man above. good goin’

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they continue to steal my thoughts… I can’t concentrate reading everything on here…

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@bobbilly Are you ok? Sounds like your experiencing some serious symptoms. Do you take a prn or can you get in touch with your doctor?

Wow, a beautiful blonde just called me thoughtful and sweet. This day is going to be way better than I thought it would.

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It is a very kind gesture. But I know that food banks in my area have been getting a ton of extra food, because farmers are donating a lot of the food that used to go to restaurant contracts. To the point that, I used to do free grocery delivery to people once a week, but now nobody needs my services because the food banks have expanded their program so much.

So like @chordy said,maybe call them up and ask if they are struggling, or if they are well stocked.